Investment Returns

Are you here to get a clear picture of what is an investment and financial tools will amplify your returns? If yes, you are at the right place.

What is Investment?

In general terms, Investment means allocating money or other resources with the anticipation of yielding profits.

These are the top financial tools that you should be aware of:

Individual stock

An individual stock is an investment of a limited amount of money. Individual stocks are very uncommon in India because most people prefer lump sum investments. Investing in individual stocks is a great way to amplify your investment returns. It is important to understand the types of stocks to invest in and why. It is a risky form of investment unless the investors are aware of the stock market conditions. A simple way to buy the stock is through a discount broker.

Fixed deposit 

A fixed deposit is a financial tool in which you set aside a fixed sum of money for a certain period. Then the money is invested in different instruments and then the returns are paid as interest on the deposit. Investing in fixed deposits is a great way to amplify your investment returns. Investing in a fixed deposit is a great way to have money available when you need it. Unlike bank deposits, this money is not tied up and is available when the investor needs it.

Fixed deposit rates in India are attractive. Interest rates are usually the first thing people consider when looking at an investment. The interest rates on fixed deposits are usually good so it’s worth looking into. Market conditions will not affect FD, there are tax benefits and insurance for FD.

 There is also another important form of FD which is post office fixed deposit. Post office FD is the best fixed deposit in India. 

Post office fixed deposit is a scheme in which the investor can deposit a sum as low as thousand rupees. It helps to amplify the returns with a 7% interest rate. As the scheme encourages all classes of people to invest, it is considered to be the best fixed deposit in India.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are private investment vehicles that are managed by financial experts and a great way to invest in stocks and bonds. Mutual funds have several advantages compared to traditional investment vehicles. Mutual funds have several advantages compared to other investment vehicles. It is easy to understand and adapt to your needs. Mutual funds are easy to understand and adapt to your needs. It is a low-cost, low-risk way to invest in stocks and bonds.

Index funds

An index fund is one of the safest ways to invest in equity funds as it contains chip stock. The resource allotment of an index fund would change just when there is an adjustment of its basic asset. Accordingly, the securities won’t be traded often by the fund manager.

National Pension Scheme

The national pension scheme is underrated in India. NPS is a perfect investment scheme to save for the future, yield profits from the investments. There are many benefits of investing in NPS likely it saves your tax, no risk involved, is simple to follow, and is flexible to manage the investments. It has been measured that NPS is one of the best FD schemes in India.

Government Bonds

Governing bonds are bonds issued by the central government of India. Governing bonds increase the liquidity of the central government and provide more funds for government expenditure. Government bonds are one of the safest and most widely used financial instruments. It is called bonds for a reason as the government promises to repay the investor at a fixed rate over time. 

Real Estate investment

Investing in real estate fetches more returns of investments as the land and property value appreciates. It suits the investors who are already wealthy and who want to increase their wealth. In simple words, real estate investing means buying a property and selling it for the property as the value goes up. Investors also invest in REITs (Real estate investment trusts) to ensure regular dividend payments.


We hope this article educated you on what is an investment, the best FD scheme in India, and other financial tools that will yield you profit. Now it is up to you to select your investment option smartly.

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