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Top 5 Benefits of Green Coffee Beans that You Should Know

Best Green Coffee Bean Suppliers

Today, coffee has become a major commodity enjoyed across the globe. Well, if you are a coffee lover, then you must be craving the classic aroma of coffee. We have always associated the color brown with coffee in both forms – drink and beans.

Green coffee beans have taken a position in the forefront only after people started looking out for healthier options. Currently, they are attracting a greater mass than ever before and are popularly known as healthy dietary supplements. So before looking out for the best green coffee bean suppliers, let’s find out the amazing health benefits of green coffee.

What are Green Coffee Beans?

In simple terms, green coffee beans are the raw and unroasted seeds of coffee cherries. It is a natural state of the coffee bean with all its nutrients intact. Green coffee beans contain a type of polyphenol known as chlorogenic acid in higher amounts. This polyphenol is responsible for most of its health benefits.

Now that you have a brief idea about green coffee beans, let’s learn why the consumption of green coffee is considered to be a healthy habit.

  1. Antioxidant Benefits

Green coffee beans are considered to provide excellent antioxidant benefits. The chlorogenic acid present in the green beans exhibits antioxidant activities. They help in reducing the damage of free radicals and also detoxify the entire system.

They are highly effective in delaying the signs of aging, delaying the effects of photodamage, and improving the skin texture. The antioxidant activities are especially effective in fighting against lipid oxidation. Their properties provide protection against the degradation of various bioactive compounds present in food.

  • Aids Weight Loss

In this modern era, being overweight has become a common issue. Consumption of green coffee beans is the most trending strategy out of various other weight management strategies introduced by the fitness world. Green coffee beans promote weight loss in two ways – inhibiting fat absorption and activation of fat metabolism.

Research states the chlorogenic acid present in the green beans is responsible for breaking down the carbs. It efficiently reduces the assimilation of carbs during the digestion process and thus prevents fat absorption by increasing their breakdown. The chlorogenic acid also reduces appetite by decreasing blood insulin levels.

  • Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

The level of oxidative stress increases with a higher level of fasting blood sugar. This causes damage to the body’s cells and tissues. Thus, blood sugar levels should be regulated not only for healthy aging but also for maintaining a healthy weight.

An excellent superfood to regulate insulin levels is the unroasted, raw green coffee bean. The chlorogenic acid found in green beans helps in decreasing sugar absorption, reduces blood sugar spikes, and also improves insulin sensitivity.

  • Improves Immune Health

With busy lifestyles in this fast-pacing world, there have been significant changes in eating habits. The high-calorie diets, fast food, processed food, and sedentary lifestyle have resulted in diminished immune health. However, consuming green coffee beans regularly improves blood circulation within the body.

Some other powerful benefits of green beans are – cleanses the body naturally and fighting against the damaging of free radicals. Thus, green coffee beans help in preventing the development of diseases, strengthen the immune system, and promote better health. It also comes with antimicrobial properties that are beneficial for a wide range of organisms, bacteria, viruses, etc.

  • Promotes Mood Balance

The chlorogenic acid present in the green coffee beans curbs the formation of cortisol, a hormone responsible for increasing blood pressure levels and stress. Green coffee helps in improving arterial elasticity and also maintains lower blood pressure levels.

While regular roasted coffee beans contain a high amount of caffeine that causes stress, anxiety, headaches, etc., green coffee gets the caffeine amount fixed, thus helping in boosting mood, energy, and alertness.

Final Note

You will find numerous suppliers in the market, but always make sure to choose the best green coffee bean supplier. Check the reviews and ratings before selecting a brand.

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