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Top 4 Rail industry trends and innovations in 2022

The railway industry is changing significantly and there is a growing demand for fast transportation and environmental transportation in many countries around the world. Rail industry trends for the year 2022 have a focus on creating more efficiency than ever before and cutting out operator error. Here are some of the top trends this year:

Autonomous Trains:

Self-driving technologies being tested in trains with excellent results. The technology is working to help trains run more efficiently than ever before and making sure that more lines and more routes can be made possible in the future.

Big data in machine learning:

Sensors are capturing data points throughout every aspect of freight and passenger rail today. Using big data and machine learning we can make train routes more efficient than ever before, reduce maintenance costs, prevent injury, prevent accidents and improve customer experience. More companies are using the data and machine learning to leave more satisfied customers and to reduce their costs.

Decarbonization and electric trains:

There are more electric trains today than ever before in a massive number of rail companies are interested in changing over their operations to electric rail. More companies are changing their trains over to battery-powered trains and to new high-speed electric models that are reducing carbon emissions.

AI traffic planning:

Apart from self driving systems we are also seeing AI traffic planning when it comes to freight lines and passenger lines today. Artificial intelligence solutions are improving the rail yard efficiency as well as delay forecasting. GPS technology is used to conduct ongoing data-driven results for planning and reducing traffic on rail lines.

The rail industry is changing significantly throughout 2022 and with more technology being brought into the transportation and freight industry it will be interesting to see what the future of locomotives looks like. We will be innovating along with our partners.

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