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The pandemic of Covid-19 is over in the US, said Joe Biden

The President of the US declared that the pandemic is over and the number of Americans who have died from COVID continues to rise. He also added that the situation is rapidly improving, but we still have a problem. 

Covid 19 pandemic tested our endurance and made people live different lives.

The stats show that over 400 Americans, on average, are dying because of the virus each day. The WHO head said last week that the end of the pandemic is in sight. In the interview with CBS, Mr. Biden said that the US is still doing a lot of work and controlling a virus on time. Let us tell you that the interview will be aired over the weekend and was partly filmed on the floor of the Detroit Auto Show. Then, the president gestured toward the crowd there and delivered a speech. 

He said that he sees that no one is wearing masks, and everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. We think that the situation is going back to normal. The administration officials told the US media on Monday that the comments did not signal a change in the policy and that there were no plans to lift the ongoing Covid 19 public health emergency. 

US officials extended the public health emergency, and it has been in place from January 2020 through October 13th, October. Since then, more than one million Americans have died from the coronavirus. 


  1. When did the public health emergency started?

Ans. January 2020 

  1. According to the statistics, how many Americans died on one day because of the virus?

Ans. 400 people 

  1. Where did Joe Biden give interviews and speeches?

Ans. CBS Programme 60 minutes

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