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The biggest issue that could derail US\US relations: is Joe Biden and Liz Truss

It is true that if you ask Americans about their thoughts on Loz Truss, they will probably get a blank stare in return. Even the newspaper has been picking up the headlines like “Meet the new UK prime minister” along with “Who is Liz Truss?”. 

The movers and shakers of Washington are more focused on what the new leader of Britain brings and how much they make the relationship special. She can simply start by removing some stumbling blocks that threaten to badly derail the relationship with the Joe Biden administration. 

Now, the most serious and immediate of those is the impasse between the EU and Britain over the Northern Ireland Protocol, as it requires extra customs checks on goods going to Northern Ireland from Great Britain. Liz Truss has been at the forefront of the UK government and also threatened to unilaterally rewrite the protocol, something opposed by the EU and Washington. 

Nile Gardiner, the director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Washington-based conservative Heritage Foundation, said, “I do expect Liz Truss will be a lot more assertive on the matter.” I don’t think she is going to be afraid of telling the US president directly in the Oval Office why America should be standing shoulder to shoulder with the UK on this. “

But this is just an approach that is likely to rile the current president and his party only. 


  1. Who is Liza Truss? 

Ans. She is a former foreign secretary. 

2. What headlines are put out by the newspaper?

Ans. “Meet the new UK prime minister” and “Who is Liz Truss?” 

3. Who is the director of the Washington-based conservative heritage foundation?

Ans. Nile Gardiner 

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