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The Ultimate Guide to Secure Video Conferencing


When you are relying on video calls and different types of conferencing technology for your business, secure video conferencing is a must. It can be either a way you are handling your business or a type of product that you use. If any part of your business is done online, you need to focus on online security or “cyber hygiene.” This is because today, online security is the equivalent of “safety first” on a physical worksite. You want all of your users’ data to be secure and that there are no breaches, so no accidental meeting-crashers, no confidential emails sent to wrong people, and no malicious hacking attacks. Here’s how you can do it:

Use strong passwords

While some may think that the most important thing about passwords is that they are easy to remember, it’s actually quite opposite. Everyone in your company should use strong login passwords that might be difficult to remember, but that is also nearly impossible to crack. Strong passwords are the foundation of cyber security and fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials as well as apps that will help you come up with several you can use on your laptop. Once you start using strong passwords, you will quickly realize the benefits they pose, and you will feel so much safer.

Single sign-in credentials

As an added level of security in your company, you can employ SSO – single sign-on. This way you will tie up all authentication of a single user to one set of permissions and credentials and, together with distribution management software, will make things easier. It might sound complex at the moment, but if you have an IT department, they will love this change, as they will be able to track and manage access to audio and video conferencing. In addition to this, users will find that things are way simpler because they will only have one set of credentials to remember and keep track of. In the unlikely case of a security breach, SSO will allow the people in the IT department to see whether a user’s credentials or your company’s systems were in any way compromised. The best thing is that they will also be able to lock everything down so that there is no further damage.

Use cloud hosting

If you need an option where literally anyone can host a meeting, look into cloud-hosted video conferencing that some software offer. This way, anyone in your business owns their own meeting room and is able to organize a video conference on their own. This is an excellent solution in these times because in-person meetings are suspended because of the pandemic, but also if you have limited physical space for meetings. You don’t have to buy or manage any infrastructure because everything is hosted and handled on the internet, and as far as you have a working internet connection, you’ll be good to go. You won’t even have to involve your IT team, which means everything is going to go much faster.

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Encrypted video conferencing

Even though you are most likely concerned with the speed of your video streams, you should think about security and encryption too. Unlike a standard or even full encryption, end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a special type of encryption that adds an extra level of security to the data used in online video conferencing software. This is because the vast majority of most commonly used video conferencing tools use standard encryption. This might be ok for casual calls to your friends and family, but any corporate meeting is at risk. Any video conferencing tool that you choose to use for your business or private purposes should have additional security measures in place for your own protection.

Just thirty years ago, video over the internet was something people did in sci-fi movies. It slowly emerged as a very neat tech feat that was virtually inaccessible to regular people, but it kept evolving and growing until it became something we now take for granted. Video calls and conferencing are easy and affordable today, and people don’t even think twice before they schedule such a call. What we should be thinking about, though, is how safe and secure these video calls are, no matter if it’s a casual family call or an important conference with your business partners.

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