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Recommended Methods To Raise The Speed Of Fritzbox 7490 Device

The fritzbox 7490 is a 4-gigabit ethernet port wi-free and compact size router that delivers wi-fi network speed to all the networking devices like wired or wirelessly. It comes with internal antennas and a dual-core processor. This wi-fi router establishes a powerful wi-fi network and connects +20 networking devices such as game console, IP camera, range extender, PC, smart mobile phone, tablet, and more. During the lockdown, this wi-fi router is very helpful because all the work is done online. Then require an unlimited amount of internet connectivity to do the online work. Many people use the fritzbox 7490 device. This fritzbox router has the capacity to handle various devices at the same time.

The fritz box comes with many networking accessories such as an Ethernet cable for making the connection to the wired networking devices, a USB cable for the printer and NAS, a power adapter and its cable, quick installation guide for quick installation of the wi-fi router. If you want to set up the fritz box but before doing the setup you can einloggen in die fritzbox. Then do the setup without any hitch.

Methods to raise the speed of the fritzbox 7490 device

The fritz box wi-fi router network speeds up to 1300 Mbps. The 1300 Mbps speed delivers through 2 bands. The 2 bands are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio frequency. To raise the speed of this router should follow some useful methods.

Attach the range extender to the fritzbox 7490 router

To raise the fritzbox 7490 wireless wifi router range you can buy a new and working extender. The extender is a wi-fi range extender that really extends the range of the wi-fi network. The fritzbox 7490 device has 4 LANs ports that easily connect the extender through these ports. Apart from this, the fritzbox 7490 router supports the WLAN(WPS) button. By which I easily set up the extender with the fritz box wi-fi router. After connecting the extender to the fritzbox 7490 routers the range of the 7490 routers is three times faster as compared to the current wi-fi network range.

Remove unnecessary devices and modify default password

The fritz box wi-fi router handles multiple networking devices. If you want to raise the speed of the fritzbox 790 devices then you should remove the unnecessary devices and create a strong password. If you can’t modify the password then everyone connects to the fritzbox network. Because the default password is admin, this password is known. You can power off the fritzbox with the power button and then all the devices are disconnected. Then, visit the fritz box setting with the help of Now, select the option password and use some alphabet and some digit numbers. Afterward, create the password in the proper manner. Then your fritzbox 7490 wi-fi device delivers a superior network.

Upgrade the fritzbox 7490 device firmware

Upgrading the firmware is most important to every networking device like router, extender, modem, switch, and more. Without firmware upgrade, your networking devices are not working and deliver an interrupted wi-fi network. To firmware upgrade the fritzbox 7490 wi-fi dual-band router you can go to the setting. Then locate the latest firmware file in the download folder of your computer. Then, use this file and upload it. Then quickly update the fritzbox 7490 firmware within some minutes.

Carefully setup the fritzbox 7490 device

The setup of the fritzbox wi-fi router is necessary otherwise it does not deliver steady wi-fi network connectivity. The FritzBox 7490 einrichten is simple and protected with the web browser. For this, you can use a network-connected computer/laptop and smart mobile phone. Then click the web browser on your devices which you prefer and your favorite. Then utilize http://fritz.box and input into the address bar. Then get the login page, you can log in to the account. After that, quickly do the setup of the fritzbox wi-fi router.

Apply all the latest technologies

The fritzbox 7490 devices utilize multiple networking technologies such as MU-MIMO, OFDMA, Beamforming, dual-band, mesh wi-fi networking technology. This technology is also beneficial to raise the speed of fritzbox 7490 networking devices. You can enable this technology through wireless settings. This technology works very well, the mesh networking technology covers all the areas of the house like all rooms, balconies, backgrounds. Thus, all the wi-fi networking technologies deliver superior wi-fi networks.

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