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Rapid Prototyping: Aid for Engineering Designers

Rapid Prototyping: Aid for Engineering Designers

Manufacturing is the key component of production for any business. In growing times as the demand for products is increasing every day, it is a need for manufacturers to increase their production rates. For this purpose of work, a rapid prototyping factoryis best suited. Here are some details that you would like to know about rapid prototyping.

What is rapid prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is described as a fast fabrication of any desired physical part, model, or component of a product that is created using CAD. CAD is a 3D Computer-Aided Design. The process of creating a part or model is generally completed with the help of additive manufacturing.

Once the created design matches closely to the desired product then it is called a high fidelity prototype. This means that there will be almost no or very little difference between the prototype and the actual or final product.

What are the applications of rapid prototyping?

A Rapid prototyping factory is helpful to acquire the goal of accurate and advanced production using various techniques of 3-D printing. Earlier in time, the method of rapid prototyping was used to create and develop parts and scale models, particularly for the automotive industry. But today the technique of rapid prototyping is used in various industries like the medical and aerospace fields.  There are many applications of rapid prototyping. Some of these advantages are described below:

  • It is being used by product designers to speed the manufacturing process of various representative prototype parts. This helps them to enhance the design and visualization and help them develop the process of manufacturing and accomplish the goal of mass production.
  • In the medical and aerospace sectors
  • It is used in rapid tooling. Rapid tooling means making a tool like an injection or an ultrasound sensor wedge that will be used to accomplish some other task like a surgery.

These are some of the applications of rapid prototyping.

What are the benefits of rapid prototyping?

Rapid prototyping nowadays is proofing to be a very helpful technique for designers. Most product designers face a common issue and that is explaining the final visual of the product to the client. To solve this problem the rapid prototyping technique is growing immensely these days.

It is becoming more popular among engineering designers. It is said that it is a faster and accurate technique to test and analyze the potential of the final product. Seeing this any firm which plans to come up with any new product adopts this technique. Some of the benefits of rapid prototyping are being listed here:

  • Analyze and understand the concept of design
  • It is easy to incorporate any change
  • It saves the time and cost inputs
  • It helps the engineers to reduce the flaws in their designs

These were some of the major benefits of using rapid prototyping. With the growing trends, it becomes necessary for engineering designers to adapt to this technique to reduce the flaws in their products and stand out in the competition.

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