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Why Are Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets So Popular Right Now?

Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets

Different call centers, customer support centers, or other professionals need high-quality headsets. They prefer a headset that comes with robust features. You should know that Plantronics Bluetooth headsets are famous among the audience because of their advanced features. Their Bluetooth technology has made them wireless. This feature has set users on liberty to use the headsets while walking, sleeping, or sitting. They don’t have to stay near the base device.

The following reasons have made these headsets popular:

1) Bluetooth and Wireless Experience:

You should know that the most attractive feature of Plantronics Bluetooth headsets is their Bluetooth technology. It sets them apart from others. Different models come with different Bluetooth ranges. The range of Bluetooth may vary from few feet to several hundred feet. Do you know the advantage of a higher Bluetooth range?

Bluetooth Headsets

You should know that the increased range of Bluetooth sets the users free to take their calls even when they are walking or away from the base device. They may walk and talk to their callers without having the need to stay close to the base computer. Moreover, this technology has made the headset wireless. Users can have the liberty to get up from their seats and get a coffee or drink for them without leaving their calls. Hence, this feature enhanced their popularity.

2) Clarity of Sound:

We have mentioned that headsets find their applications in various call centers and customer support centers. Call center agents may have to run a promotional campaign. They have to take a lot of calls and speak with many callers. They also have to discuss different business matters and convey product details to target customers.

For achieving success in their jobs, they have to make sure that their callers hear their voices with full clarity. You should know that these headsets come with sound-enhancing features. They help produce a vibrant and full-bodied voice that can help to convey your message correctly to your callers. Hence, they have become popular in the market.

3) Noise-Cancelling Features:

We know that call center offices and customer service centers have a lot of noise. Many employees are working there. Most of them have to take calls and speak with the clients. Many people are speaking there, which creates a lot of noise. In this case, normal headsets and microphones can’t work.

Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets

The best thing about VXI Bluetooth headsets is that they come with noise-canceling technology. They help to remove the background noise. You should know that their noise-canceling technology enables their microphone to carry your voice to your callers with full clarity. There is no interruption due to background noise. Hence, this feature has also attracted a lot of businesses to use these headsets.

4) Protection of Hearing:

You may understand that call center agents have to wear headsets for long hours. They have to take many calls and speak with the callers. We know that sound waves are energetic and they can cause partial or permanent deafness after long-term exposure. They aren’t vulnerable to damages due to sound waves. These headsets come with AcousticEdge technology to block harmful sound waves. They don’t allow them to reach the ears of users. Hence, they are safe to use for long hours.

5) Comfortable Designs:

Many advanced features of these boxes have made them successful in the market. Their comfortable and sleek designs have also set them apart from others. Their headbands are extremely sophisticated and decent. They are metallic and soft. Bluetooth headsets are lightweight and easy to use for a long time.

Bluetooth Headsets

They also come with soft ear cushions to keep your ears convenient. Moreover, they come with numerous adjustable features. Due to these features, they have attracted a lot of people. They are comfortable and easy to use. You can find different designs of Bluetooth headsets online.

6) Outstanding Battery Power:

We know that Bluetooth headsets are wireless. They contain a small battery that provides power for running them. Different models of these headsets come with a battery of variable power. You should know that their battery power is another parameter that determines their value.

They may come with a powerful battery. Different models may have different battery timing. Their battery timing may range from 8 hours to 22 hours. This feature helps the users to enjoy communication with callers for long hours. They don’t have to charge them again and again.

7) Boom Mic and Breathing Issues:

Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets

Another important and attractive feature of these headsets is their boom mic. You should know that their mic is rotatable 360 degrees. The users can adjust the position of the mic according to their ease. Moreover, their mic comes with many small holes with a layer of foam underneath. This feature helps to prevent the sound of breathing from creating noise. It also keeps the users comfortable by letting them breathe normally.

Final Words:

We have described numerous features of Plantronics Bluetooth headsets. They have become popular in the market because of their unique and robust features. When you have to buy these headsets, you should visit FindHeadsets. It is one of the best and renowned suppliers of headsets. You can find a variety of headsets with Bluetooth at the most affordable rate.

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