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Organic Beauty vs Sustainable Beauty

Beauty consumers in recent years have grown more and more informed about not just what kind of products they use, but also the ingredients that make up these products. This has lead to a wave of brands promoting themselves to be green beauty, organic beauty and sustainable beauty. But in the grander scheme of things, what does it all mean and is it possible to make a choice that benefits not just the consumers but the environment as well?

The brands that claim to use natural ingredients and packaging materials that do not cause harm to the environment are called sustainable beauty brands. These brands use science and technology to come up with innovative solutions for their products and claim to use all ethical means of testing, not harming any living species in the process. Sustainable beauty companies also use ingredients that are obtained without any kind of modification done to them so that they do not lose their natural essence. 

Sustainable beauty brands, though claiming to be better than their competitors in regards to ethics and production process, do not have any formal certification as proof for each activity. There might be specific features like natural ingredient usage and animal cruelty-free which can be verified but it does not make the brand sustainable just by following these two activities.

Organic beauty as a whole is a part of the concept of sustainable beauty. These brands often have a licence that states that all products used in their production are grown through a natural process without the use of any genetically modifying methods or chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides. The products falling under organic beauty are tested and certified for their reliability and the customers can feel assured about their credibility. 

But of course, when a brand claims to be organic, it does not mean that they practice other good ethics for their business. Plastic packaging is a major concern surrounding the beauty industry as it causes huge harm to the environment by producing non-biodegradable waste in large quantities. Sustainable beauty brands on the other hand are an overall view of a brand that covers all the major issues such as the environment, good working space for workers, better wages and optimal use of ingredients. 

Overproduction is another problem that is not addressed in the process behind organic fashion. This is why we have no details about the amount of these products that go to waste. On the other hand, sustainable beauty brands should ideally refrain from the overproduction of their products so that they do not cause any of the ingredients to go to waste.
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