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When it comes to best cricket bat, New Balance has some of the best. With a swell and sweet spot that is unmatched by other cricket bats, the DC 580 Cricket Bat is a must-have for big-hitting batsmen. It features low swell and monstrous edges for easy use from any position. It also features slight duckbill shaping towards the toe of the bat, which saves weight. And a big-hitting attitude is displayed in bold, new stickers.

Production of a cricket bat

One way to make cricket bats faster is to invest in modern technology. Just-in-time inventory systems allow businesses to coordinate supplies and track cricket bat production. These systems can also provide up-to-date statistical information. The New Balance company can save time, space, and money by implementing a JIT inventory system. In the end, this can help them produce more cricket bats more quickly. In addition to improving production, JIT inventory systems also allow them to reduce waste and reduce costs.

Raw materials

Among the raw materials that make up a cricket bat, linseed oil is an important ingredient. Linseed oil is mined from soybeans. This oil is then refined into bats, which are molded to fit the specifications of each customer. A new Balance cricket bat must be made using linseed oil in order to meet these specifications. Then, a bat must be tested to ensure that it will not cause damage or breakage to the consumer.

Sweet spot

A cricket bat’s sweet spot is the center part of its blade. Batsmen use different parts of the blade for different shots, but in general, the sweet spot provides the most ping and travel speed for the cricket ball. It’s also worth noting that no cricket bat can provide good ping at the handle or bottom of the bat, even at its top end. But a master of the game will know how to time all his shots perfectly using this sweet spot.


The Swell New Balance Cricket Bat is designed for players who prefer to hit the ball straight. This cricket bat features a low sweet spot, a long spine and large edges. Its semi-oval shape offers medium swell and durability to the edges, which is ideal for players who like to hit the ball hard, but still want to generate less vibration. Here’s what you should know before purchasing this cricket bat.


Before playing a game, oil your cricket bat. Oiling your bat is an important step to keep it in good condition. You can oil your bat with a cotton rag by following these simple steps:


When purchasing a new cricket bat, you should make sure to knock it in properly. If the seams are not completely flat, they may need further knocking in. The seams are also the reason why seam marks appear on the bat surface. Fortunately, knocking in a bat is free with some selections from Talent Cricket. Read on to learn how to knock in a New Balance Cricket Bat properly. We’ll take a look at some tips and tricks.


The New Balance cricket bat range has grown exponentially in the last three seasons and includes the DC 880, DC 1260 and TC 560. The TC Collection was developed with the modern stroke player in mind and offers an incredibly balanced middle. The huge edges of this cricket bat allow you to effortlessly pierce gaps and play off the front or back foot. Made from the highest standard of English Willow, it is sure to please even the most discerning cricket fan.

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