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Millions of people use a password manager that claims to have been hacked

More than 33 million people use the password manager LastPass worldwide, and it recently had a hacker infiltrate its servers and take sensitive data and source code. According to a blog post on Thursday, the business doesn’t think any passwords were obtained as part of the breach, and customers shouldn’t need to take any action to secure their accounts.

According to an inquiry, a “unauthorised entity” gained access to its developer environment, which is the software used by staff members to create and maintain the LastPass product.

A company that automatically creates and maintains complex passwords for a variety of accounts, including Netflix and Gmail, was attacked.

A request for additional comment from LastPass did not immediately receive a response. But due to the hack it was giving the users the immediate response.

After stealing source code and confidential material, hackers might be able to obtain passwords to password vaults, according to social media speculation. As a result of the stolen source code, Liska doubts that the crooks will have access to client passwords.


1- How were the criminals able to enter the system?

Ans – According to the company, they enter by using a single compromised developer’s account.

2- When was it noticed about the hack?

Ans –  According to the cybersecurity blog Bleeping Computer, it questioned LastPass two weeks ago about the hack.

3- Do the crooks have the passwords of customers?

Ans – It is unlikely to happen.

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