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Maximize your gaming experience with custom Xbox one controller

Wireless Xbox One S Custom Regular / Modded Controller (with 3.5 jack) - VenomSo, you got the brand new console and loved all the new games. But, how about the graphical upgrades and the design of the controller? If you have bought the basic model of the controller, it can make your gaming experience boring. What if you just purchased a new PC? Would you use the standard keyboard included, or would you upgrade your keyboard to something more attractive? This doesn’t really provide you with much scope for the personal touch. However, you can get a custom Xbox one controller and can boost your overall gaming experience altogether. 

Whether it’s a custom option for design or extra functionality in the shape of a new paddle, buttons, and programmable tricks, there is a whole world of third-party controllers that will enhance your overall gaming experience. Likewise, following things in a custom controller can help enhance your gaming experience. 

  1. Design option: custom controllers come in a variety of designs in their builds. There are many color schemes and combinations. Not only can you pick various colors and patterns, but you can have those colors vary from piece to piece. The front of your controller can be of one color, while the grips and backs are of a different color. This versatility in your Xbox one controller can boost your overall gaming experience. 
  • Build quality: custom controllers have great build quality and can perform flawlessly for years. This aspect of the custom controllers is crucial for gamers because they really put their gear through its paces. The stick stays responsive, buttons stay tight, and the bumper and the trigger keep bouncing back for more. When you really want to boost your gaming experience with custom controllers, you need them to perform seamlessly for far longer than just a few weeks. 
  • Choose according to your preference: custom controllers give you a choice to reflect your personality through them. You can choose colors and patterns that define you the most of the characters you like the most. It is a great option for gaming freaks who always want something extra exciting with their gaming consoles. You will feel more engaged in gaming if you have a custom Xbox controller with your preferred design and colors. 
  • Smart triggers: it is a highly recommended option for all the FPS players out there. Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers enable faster response times when pulling the trigger or initiating the shoulder bumpers. For games that rely on a split-second reaction time, these can give you the edge and make you a game-changer. The default triggers and bumpers on Xbox and Playstation controllers usually have a rather large degree of travel in them. It implies that when you first touch them and press the buttons, they depress far more than they need to be effective.

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Maximize your gaming experience with Xbox One controller

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The bottom line

There is no better emotion than having something truly unique to you. You can pick from a great selection of custom controllers according to your taste and style. Having a custom Xbox controller that is truly versatile will surely a valuable addition to your overall gaming experience. 

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