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Macbook Air M1 review after 1 year of daily use

Macbook Air M1 review

How does the Macbook Air M1 2020 measure up after one year of continuous use? That will be the topic of this article, as many people are still using much older versions and are curious to know how the newer iterations of Macbooks are performing. Knowing what this model does right and what it does wrong may help you to make an informed purchase decision. Here are some of the main pros and cons:

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Light, with stylish design: The Macbook Air really lives up to its name with this model, as it really is very light and you can easily pick up the laptop with one hand. It comes in gold, silver and space grey, all of which look incredibly stylish.

Battery life: The battery life of this device is impressive. You can easily perform non-energy-intensive tasks, such as using a word processor, for up to 18 hours, making it a perfect working laptop for many people.

Simplified user interface: Apple’s Macbook Air 2020 M1 represents an important development because it is much easier to use than earlier devices. This empowers users and allows them to do much more with their purchase. The spotlight feature also enables you to simply type keywords and retrieve anything on the device.

Performance: Thanks to the latest chip designed by Apple, this computer performs excellently. Speeds are high and the graphics are processed without issue.

Runs silently: This computer doesn’t use fans to cool itself, and as a result, it runs completely silently.

Ergonomic: Everything from the larger trackpad to the user interface has been optimised for ergonomics on this device, making it a pleasure to use.

Memory: The Macbook Air M1 also comes with more memory and storage than previous models.


  • Screen brightness reduces battery: While the battery life is impressive, it can be severely reduced by putting the brightness on full. Most people probably won’t do this anyway, as it would probably cause eye strain, but the promised 18-hour battery life should probably account for maximum screen brightness.
  • Compatibility issues due to M1 chip: Much software around the Internet hasn’t been upgraded to work perfectly with the new chip produced by Apple. This means that coders are still playing catch-up to ensure people using the new chip can use their products successfully. Users have even reported some Google services behaving unusually on the new laptop, though the issues are not so bad as to prevent people from using the services.
  • Backup issues: Most people won’t be affected by this, but it’s important to note that while bootable backups are possible, if your internal SSD fails, the backup will also fail. Also, if you are performing a data transfer from a device running on old software, such as from a Macbook Pro 2012, you may experience some problems, as many files are no longer compatible on the new operating system.

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