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Lose 3-5 kg in a Month- Best Workouts for Men

Though there are so many overweight women but men also. In 2016 reports, there are 39% adult men who are overweight and around 14% of the world’s population are overweight. So not only women are facing the problem men face too. Most of the people apply so many products, maintain all types of diet plans but do not burn any fat. Exercises not only help you to lose weight but also increase your explosive strength by resting your metabolic rate by 18%. So you keep burning your fat from the belly after the last rep.
However, most of the men want to build their chest so in this article we will discuss the best chest workout for men and their benefits. Such as:

  1. Dead lift
    How Stand with a barbell and bend your knees to grab the barbell with straightening your back and hip. Push your hips against the bar without bending back. From upright, bend your knees and push your hips to lower the bar.
    Benefits: it is one of those exercises which burn fat.
  2. Barbell bench press:
    How lying back on a bench holding the barbell with your shoulder-width lift the bar above your chest with fully extended arms. Push back the barbell towards your chest and then breathe out.
    Benefits: this exercise sends testosterone into blubber burning which engages your arms, shoulders, and chest. More you do the exercise, you will burn more calories.
  3. Bent over rows:
    How bending your knees, holding a dumbbell in each hand parallels your body with the floor. Keep your back straight and tight your core weights up the row to your chest. Upper and lower.
    Benefits: this workout activates muscles from your body and increases your burning fat power.
  4. Sit-ups:
    How lying on the floor with bent knees without moving your feet, place the hands behind the head and lift your core so that your upper body looks like a V shape with thighs.
    Benefits: it is a simplest exercise over all the exercise which is helps to burn fat from your body. This workout helps to keep heart rate up so you burn the fat.
  5. Clean and press:
    How straight your back by keeping the barbell with a grip then squat down. Then lift the barbell towards your shoulder then sink back for a squat. Extend your arms by pushing up through heels. Then up the barbell above your head and then drop back.
    Benefits it is one of the best exercises to burn fat easily. It works on your full body and also optimizes hormones to burn body fat. It helps to regulate a better insulin and reduces your estrogens.
    Other exercises:
    With those exercises you can also do push-ups, barbell rollouts, chine-up, rowing etc. these exercises also help to lose weight.
    Diet plan:
    To burn fat you should eat low calories food. So you don’t have hunger and also not gain any fat. For this you must eat low fiber foods, avoids high protein foods. You can eat egg (white part), honey, dry fruits, green tea or black coffee, digested biscuits, fruits, oats, corn flakes etc. you also follow a ketogenic diet plan.
    Exercise is that key which can do anything that others can’t. Exercises not only give you a fit body and also improve your body system, increasing fighting power over any diseases. So if you maintain all the diet plans and do the exercise you will surely get the better result. If you think you do the workouts but does not follow the diet and eat junk foods, high calorie food then it will not work for you. You should maintain both the diet and exercise.

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