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Know different features and applications of Vertical Conveyors

Material handling has never been easy. Equipment and the material movement from one place to the other needs effort and time. But with the innovation of new techniques and types of equipment, it has become effortless. Warehouses, factories, industrial units, and storage units need to move materials to different floors or levels. Placing the bulk material over the other is a risky job. Therefore it requires Vertical Conveyors to transfer materials from one place to another. A vertical conveyor keeps on moving between two horizontal conveyors. If your business involves the frequent movement of materials or products at a different level in a storage place, you need a safe system to handle it. Armstrong can help you provide the best Vertical Conveyors system for all your material movement.

The best thing about these conveyors is that they can be installed anywhere. It may be outside and inside the area, floors, or unused elevator shafts. It ensures the safety of the workmen working around where the heavy lifting of materials at heights is done. It also protects the materials carried out from one level to another level.

Features of Vertical Conveyors

Handling bulk material, reducing the space storage, and working on multiple floors are some of the applications of Vertical conveyors. When floor space is not sufficient for material storage, they need to be arranged on different levels above each other. The vertical conveyor system was made with various specifications making such a process easy. Some of them are:

  • Pallet handling capacity is 60-70 per hour
  • Maximum height 10m
  • Handling weight maximum up to 2000Kg
  • Useful for pallets and boxes handling
  • Integrated system 

Applications of vertical conveyors

Handling heavy materials at top levels was very tough. But with vertical conveyors, the work has been simplified and is much safer now. With the industrial growth, the application of such modern technology equipment has further increased. You will find vertical conveyors in airports, warehousing, manufacturing units, food processing centers, the automobile industry, and other sectors. Some common applications are:

Floor space reduction

The volume of goods has increased so as their storage issues also. With vertical conveyors, there is a reduction in floor space required to store the materials.

  • Tying multiple floors together

When multiple floors are built-in warehouses or storage houses, they can be effectively utilized with the help of vertical conveyors.

  • Pick-up and drop-off points for vehicles

The movement of vehicles from one place to another or one level to another in parking slots has become possible with vertical conveyors. 

Types of vertical conveyors

The applications of vertical conveyors are different and therefore before buying one, a buyer needs to determine which type of vertical conveyor is suitable for their task. You can find various types of vertical conveyors are:

  • Reciprocating vertical conveyor

This type of conveyor is suitable to serve multiple levels or floors while moving up and down. It is best to handle fragile and complicated materials through this conveyor. Luggage, boxes, pallets, and trays can be transferred with less effort with a reciprocating vertical conveyor. 

  • Continuous vertical conveyor

It is useful when the material is required to move repetitively through vertical sections in a warehouse or supply management unit. They can move the materials faster compared to any other conveyor. Easy control, minimum footprints, and safety are some of its features.

  • Vertical screw conveyor

Handling bulk and semi-solid materials are perfectly done by a vertical crew conveyor. They are suitable for handling a uniform rate of materials. 

Vertical Conveyors save workers time and physical effort. You can save your time and put it into any other productive work. It is the most efficient way of improving the storage capacity and material movement at different levels. If you are looking for safe and efficient vertical conveyors for your business, Armstrong is the perfect destination for you. We are very affordable and best ones and try our best to fulfill all your needs. You can enjoy the seamless movement of your bulky projects in the most optimized way. 

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