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Java vs. Swift| What are the major differences

There is always a hot war between Swift vs Java, especially for computer science students. Both of these are not only the major programming languages but also used across the globe. They are not able to differentiate between which one is best and ideal for them.

For the majority of programmers, Java is an ideal programming language. On the other hand, for some of them, no programming language beats swift. Henceforth, it is hard to make the right choice; one of the most striking features about both of these languages, the execution of the codes is quite straightforward.

In addition to that, if you are a beginner in the programming field, then you should focus on knowing about the concept of Swift vs. Java.

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Without wasting time, let us focus on understanding the essential points about Swift and Java.

What is Java?

Undoubtedly, Java is categorized as a powerful, class-based, object-oriented, and distributed Language. In addition to that, James Gosling developed this Language in 1995.

It is a platform-independent programming language so that it can run the hardware or software system.

What is swift?

The programming language swift was developed by apple. This Language is mainly preferred for making computer programs. Not only this, but this programming language is primarily for creating mobile programs or numerous sorts of applications that include Linux, and so on.

In addition to that, the programming language was developed in 2014 and on June 2.

History of Swift:

In 2010, Christ Lattner commenced the process of establishing the Swift. The swift programming language idea comes from the objective-C, Rust and Ruby, C#, Haskell, CLU, Python, and other programming languages. The first version of the Swift was the 1.0 at WWDC 2015. Further, the version 2.0 and 2.0 comes in the battle of programming languages.

History of Java

Java is the blessing of James Gosling. He is known as the father of Java. The process of making Java was commenced in June 1991. In addition to it, the team of James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton worked on developing this programming language. 

In addition, Java is mainly preferred for the set-up boxes, gadgets, and televisions. There were numerous changes done in the name of Java, such as Oak. In the end, Jame Gosling gave the title to this Language was Java. There are numerous versions of Java available on the Internet. In addition to that, here is the list of some performances.

  • JDK 1.0 was introduced on January 23, 1996.
  • The latest version of Java was released on September 13, 2019.
  •  The programmer has an opportunity of compiling the java code in JDK and on other compilers.

Apart from the history, there are numerous features associated with both of these programming languages. The long list of features makes them unique from each other. In addition to that, for learning Java and Swift, you must be aware of the features of Java and Swift.

With the help of these features, you will differentiate between Java vs. Swift, which one is better.

So let us clear your confusion and discuss the major features of Swift and Java.

Best features of Swift:

Undoubtedly, the majority of younger programmers give preference to the Swift because of its immense features. In addition to it, here is a list of some features that motivate the masses to pick Swift over Java.

  • Open Source Community

This open-source programming language supports different kinds of platforms. As it is an open-source community then, most masses prefer Swift.

  • Easy code

The striking feature of the Swift language is that it is easy to write or read. In addition to that, the learners will not face any problem in learning the swift syntax. We can also run the C and C++ language code on Swift.

  • Support multiple devices

It provides support to multiple devices, including Apple devices. This programming language is used in Apple products that include mobile and desktop.

  • Fast and powerful

As it is a modern language, it is stylish and fast. In addition to it, the demand for swift Language is at its peak, mainly in the I.T. sector.

Features of Java:

  • Simple Programming Language

Most programmers learn this programming language because it is easy to understand and object-oriented. In addition to that, this programming language does not provide support to pointers and operators.

  • Platform independent

The striking feature of the Java programming language is that it can run on software and hardware systems. Java code can run on numerous platforms such as Windows, Mac/os, and many more.

  • Object-oriented language   

Java programming language is the purest form of OOP language. The term object-oriented stands for: it consists of the data and behavior. Concepts of oops are inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, and many more.

  • Robust

This programming language gives the preference to automatic garbage collection and has the feature of exceptional handling.

What is the best in Java vs. Swift?

As per our opinion, it is hard to judge between Java vs. Swift. The reason is that both are different programming languages, different codes, different methods, and many more.

However, there is some hope that Swift has a brighter future as compared to Java. So, you should choose the best one according to your preference and interest.

In the end, with the help of the information mentioned above, now you may be able to make the right decision, like which one is best among Java vs. Swift.  All you need to do is consider your interest and choose the programming language according to it. Firstly find out the scope and then consider one particular programming language. You can consider the programming language according to your interest. 


  1. Will Java die in the future?

Of course, not. Java will not die in the future. It wilL consider in the numerous upcoming years. So, we cannot say that it will be extinct soon. 

  1. Which Language is easier, Java or Swift?

Swift is easier as compared to Java. The reason is that it is modern, and its syntax is easy to learn.

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