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Improving Flexibility of Business Processes through SAP Mobility

Business mobility is a significant issue amidst this pandemic! Enterprises are trying hard to simplify operations and make life easier for remote employees, in order to ensure that there is no lack of quality. To incorporate such changes, there have been many modifications in the business platforms developed by market leaders like SAP. They now support a mobile platform that will help monitor and control business processes from mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets.

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The mobile services focus mainly on the user’s experience, application development, integrating SAP’s business tools in the application, and utilizing the difference on device or cloud databases for data storage. The SAP ERP suite was one of the best solutions that contributed towards industrial automation, and now the SAP mobile platform is leveraging those features.

They developed SAP Mobile Cards for mobile, in order to strengthen their platform’s functionality even further. Today, SAP partners with iOS SDK to develop feature-rich native iOS apps. This will help in catering to Apple using the majority of the European and American nations.

This article will discuss the features that SAP mobility services provide to the enterprises business processes.

SAP Services for Enterprises to Improve Mobility:

SAP has developed several services that ensure proper mobility at the enterprise level. SAP provides SDKs that help developers to create apps for iOS or Android platforms. SAP mobile platforms can be developed either by using the SAP Mobile Platform for android or iOS. Other than these, a developer can also use SAP Fiori, which can be used by repurposing elements from iOS.

The choice for the application platform entirely depends on the business needs. Both the platforms have their own pros and cons, and it is up to the developer to choose the best-suited one. There can be specific requirements, like collecting and storing data; any platform can be used in such cases. But for complicated applications, a hybrid approach is the best-suited one.

Some of the developments that have been specially done keeping enterprise’s needs in mind are as follows,

  • Native Development – These are perfect for enterprises that have access to developers working in iOS and Android. The native app development platform will help in creating cost-effective apps easily.
  • Hybrid Apps – SAP products like NetWeaver and Syclo Agentry products are explicitly designed to support hybrid apps. There are a few drawbacks to developing hybrid apps which will not suit some enterprises, so it is not a wide choice.
  • Cross-Platform Developments – This type of development tends to slow down the operational speed, so it is recommended to make simple apps using this approach. This gives the developer a lot of freedom to use Native script or React Native to develop these apps. But before jumping into this option, developers should be aware of performance issues for React that have to be optimized to get the best results. 
  • SAP Fiori – This is an SAP framework for developing native applications which can be very easily integrated into the SAP Business Service Layers.

The options provided to the developers, when it comes to app development is a critical factor that drives the mobility of the processes. While you can develop apps for iOS and Android, on other hand, you can use SAP Fiori to create native applications.

SAP Infrastructure for Mobile Applications:

SAP solutions like SAP Cloud Platform provide the best infrastructure that supports mobility. SAP Cloud platform helps in mobilizing SAP HANA S4 and many other third-party based SAP solutions. These platform services consist of APIs and identity management, SAP HANA database, and security.  A list of SAP products and the requirements it fulfills are given below,

  • SAP Mobile Platform helps meet the SDK requirements for developers who are developing applications surrounding the different SAP solutions. This platform allows developers to make and deploy applications for both iOS and Android.
  • SAP S/4 HANA and SAP Hybrid as a Service solve the need for SAP backend systems that helps in reducing complexities that might occur due to an unstructured framework.
  • Offline, push, business logic analytics are essential features that form the core of any mobility service. It helps in guiding the different processes while maintaining a link between the central database and the application.
  • Cloud platform service needs are met by SAP HANA security measures and other SAP-based products, ensuring a proper infrastructure for creating links between the data sources.

These are some of the basic features provided to enterprises. Changes can be made to these systems to get the best results. This allows the enterprises to provide mobility to the systems that will take them to the next level.

SAP Fiori and SAP mobile platform components:

SAP Fiori is a collection of tools developed by SAP that aims to make a UX for SAP processes so that the users can use those. It works as a central medium that all SAP-based apps can refer to. The different types of apps falling under SAP Fiori are,

  • Transactional Apps – These are apps that can be used from mobile as well as desktop settings. They provide access to the translation of data from the database to the user and maintain them properly.
  • Factsheet – Factsheets help in storing and representing facts in a graphical way which will impart detailed information about the functioning of a company.
  • Analytical apps – Analytical apps are powered by complex algorithms that lookout for patterns in data and infers facts that can help in decision-making processes. This type of application adds a lot of value to an enterprise and helps in efficient functioning.


SAP Mobility services comprise tools and processes that help in providing flexibility and freedom to the business processes. This ensures improved productivity and better functioning while not directly controlling the functions from within the office premises.

The ability to integrate apps from both iOS and android platforms ensures everyone will monitor and control the processes. Since these are all SAP-based tools, SAP consulting services will be the best suited for these processes.

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