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How to select the Right Running Shoes

In your enthusiasm of setting the New Year Resolution to lead a healthier and active lifestyle, you decided to take up running. But before you could even step out, you faced your first challenge – running shoes. With so many technologies and options out there, finding the right running shoes can be tricky. To help you keep on track with your New Year goals, we have compiled a list to look out for while browsing online for running shoes for men and women.

Here are five simple steps to help you select the right running shoes:

  1. Understand Your Pronation

In simple terms, pronation refers to the rolling of the feet from heel to toe through foot strike. In order to understand the stress of impact on your feet, you need to understand the pronation of your feet. For instance, do you roll too much of the inside of your feet during a foot strike? Or does your foot roll too much to the outside?

  1. Determine Your Foot Type

In order to determine your foot type, you can check the arch height of your feet. A simple way to check the arch height of your feet is to wet both your feet and then stand on a paper bag for approximately 10 seconds. When you step off the bag, you can see an imprint of your feet. If the distinct curve along the inside of your feet is a little less than half the width of your foot connecting the heel and toe, then you have a normal arch. You have a low arch if there isn’t much of a curve visible and a high arch when the curve is highly noticeable.

  1. Figure out Your Gait

Gait in simple terms refers to the way your feet behave when you run. There are four main types of gait – severe overpronation i.e. when your heel strikes the ground first and then rolls inwards excessively. People with overpronation need motion control shoes. Next is the mild overpronation wherein after the heel strike, the foot rolls inwards slightly while absorbing the shock and thus stability shoes are helpful in such situations. People with neutral gait need cushioning shoes because after their heel strikes, the foot rolls inwards slightly absorbing the shock. Last but not the least, people with underpronation should opt for cushioning shoes as well because when their heel strikes, the foot rolls inwards but stays on the outside.



The Asics GEL-CUMULUS 22 running shoes for women and men have a one-piece upper mesh which is combined with a seamless 3D print construction to offer improved balance support and comfort around the foot. The FLYTEFOAM technology in the midsole promotes a soft and pillowy ride. To better isolate impact. under heel i.e. the part where the foot first hits the ground has been redesigned. These Asics running shoes are usually recommended for neutral runners who need a comfortable and flexible everyday trainer.


The women’s ASICS GEL-Kinsei Blast is a perfect choice for women with medium to high arches and neutral pronation. These Asics gel shoes are designed with a Pebax cradle which supports the heel area by loading and unloading energy to spring you forward. These shoes feature the FlyteFoam® BLAST along with FlyteFoam® as well as the VIZ GEL® in key areas in order to ensure the most responsive and smoothest shock absorption possible.


The Asics Gel Sonoma 5 G-TX features GORE-TEX material in its upper which makes the shoes waterproof. The Ortholite X-40 Sockliner technology helps wick away moisture from the shoes. The Amplifoam cushioning material in the midsole is relatively light of weight as well as durable and thus offers effective shock absorption and cushioning.


These lightweight running shoes are a part of the Asics Platinum collection. The Gel Nimbus 23 Platinum is a smooth trainer shoe that is designed for long distances. The GEL technology improves cushioning of the feet. The mesh in these running shoes has a softer, flexible and wider midfoot panel which make these shoes more comfortable to run in. 

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