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How to Open CSC Suvidha Centers

The Common Service Centers (CSCs) scheme is one of the mission mode projects under the Digital India Program. CSCs are not just IT service centers but community service centers where citizens can avail of various e-services, including social welfare schemes and financial services.

Reason Why CSC Seva Centers Started

Common Service Centers (CSCs) are not just IT service centers but a part of the Government of India’s e-governance initiative and Digital India program. CSCs are a part of the Digital India program which aims to provide high-speed broadband internet access, telemedicine, tele-education, and other services to rural areas.

The idea behind opening CSC centers is to help people with government services at their doorstep in an easy way. These centers operate on a model similar to post offices where citizens can get various government services on their doorstep. The advantage for people here is that they don’t have to travel far away from home to avail of these facilities or take time off from work in order to do so as most of these services can be accessed online or via phone calls/emails rather than physically visiting offices or departments which might take days before getting done due too many workloads on officials over there.

CSC Seva Centers Facilities

A CSC Jan Seva Kendra is a physical facility for providing Government e-Services, social welfare schemes, healthcare, financial, education, and agriculture services, apart from hosting government-citizen interfaces to the public.

CSCs are not just IT service centers but community service centers. These centers act as the bridge between the Government and the citizens. It is an initiative by the Government of India to promote easy access to services that are otherwise difficult to access through conventional means. CSCs have been set up in all district headquarters across India.

CSCs are not just IT service centers but community service centers.

CSCs provide a platform for citizens to access a range of services in a convenient, efficient, and transparent manner. CSCs are a one-stop-shop for a variety of citizen services:

  • e-Seva (citizen facilitation online)
  • e-Governance enabled applications such as PDS, MGNREGS, Ration Card, Birth & Death Certificates, etc.
  • Citizen Oriented Services like Passport & Income Tax Matters etc.,

How to Open CSC Seva Center?

CSC Seva Centers are open for everyone. Any Indian citizen can open a Seva center you just need to have a franchise from govt approved agency effizentseele Pvt Ltd

  1. Visit the Website by click here
  2. Click on Apply button
  3. fill up all the necessary details and then send
  4. executive will call you and guide you through the process


The CSC scheme is a useful initiative for citizens to access government services at their doorsteps. The CSCs are also called People Service Centres (PSCs) and are located in the rural and urban areas of India. These centers provide e-services such as online applications, online payments, registration and renewal of documents, PAN card enrolment, Aadhaar generation, etc., apart from providing information on various government schemes such as pension schemes and scholarship schemes run by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

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