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How to Look After Your Braces

People who have misaligned teeth and are looking to correct their smile are mostly advised to get braces for their problems. There are different types of orthodontic treatment you can go for, depending on how severe your case is and your budget, however, the most common treatment for misaligned teeth is the Invisalign. Traditional metal braces are still an option that people go for; however, there are also other types of braces that you can go for if you do not want to go for an Invisalign treatment in London. A good example is the ceramic white braces, which most people go for because of its discreet appearance.

The ceramic white braces are just like the traditional metal braces;however, the brackets are made of clear materials instead of the colored metals. Not taking care of your ceramic braces can cause them to get stained easily, thereby ruining the main reason why it was chosen in the first place. To avoid this, you would have to be familiar with the factors that cause staining of the white braces and avoid them altogether. On that note, here are ways to keep your braces looking clean without getting them stained.

Avoid food that can stain your braces
When wearing braces, there are some kinds of food and drinks to stay away from even if you practice the utmost level of dental hygiene. Drinks like coffee, red wine, cola and other drinks containing colorants will cause stains on both the teeth and the braces. Also, sticky foods like candy, caramel and toffee can become entangled in the braces’ wires and cause discoloration. Additionally, sweet foods and foods that contain high levels of sugar can cause a buildup of bacteria in the mouth, leading to dental plaque, tartar and discoloration. The intake of these foods can either be reduced or eliminated for your treatment duration with braces.

Rinse and floss your teeth
Taking care of your teeth does not only involve brushing and flossing. Rinsing, especially with clean water is equally important. The effectiveness might be low, but when combined with flossing, it is much better. When wearing braces, it may be difficult to get to some areas when brushing, this is where flossing becomes necessary, and when combined with rinsing, particles will be effectively removed. You can either rinse your mouth with clear water especially after brushing, eating or flossing, or you can do so with a fluoride mouthwash.

Also, rinsing vigorously with water can be very helpful if you do not have a toothbrush nearby.

Brush immediately after eating
When we eat, tiny particles get trapped in between our teeth. If not removed, these food particles decay, contributing to bacterial buildup known as plaque and bad breath. It is even more complex when wearing braces, as the food particles can get into places that may be difficult to reach. Immediately after eating, especially if you are wearing braces, brush your teeth, floss and rinse with water or fluoride mouthwash. This will remove the food particles, and prevent them from sitting in spaces between the teeth causing discolouration, tooth decay and staining of the braces. When wearing braces, it is advised that you use a soft, rounded toothbrush or electric toothbrushes for better results.

Avoid smoking
Besides the risk of lung cancer, smoking also discolours or stains the teeth and braces. The nicotine present in each cigarette stick stains your teeth and causes the braces to change its colour from white to yellow. It also leaves patches or splotches of colour on the teeth when the braces are eventually removed.

Visit your dentist regularly
Anytime you are at a loss on how to care for your braces, you can always visit your dentist for advice and more helpful tips. They will also check on your braces regularly to ensure that they are in excellent condition for your treatment. When necessary, they can also replace the tiny elastic part of the braces known as the ligatures whenever they are discolored. Do not forget to reach out to them whenever there is a problem.

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