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How To Keep Your Room Clean Everyday? – 9 Easy Hacks

Cleanliness can’t be an inborn asset for all of us but procrastination is definitely a feature that man of us possess lately. Thus, it become tough to push yourself to clean anything around you right from your socks to the tissues.

But we all wish for that pristine and impressive aura in our bedroom right? Hence, knowing how to keep your room clean everyday might seem something intriguing and challenging at the same time.

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Don’t worry with the 10 hacks listed below you’ll master the answer to the question – ‘How To Keep Your Room Clean Everyday?-’ So well, are you ready to quickly make your room look super impressive and clean at the soonest?

Let’s dive in!                                   

  1. Bed Must Be Your First Thing

Most of the times, ‘how to keep your room clean everyday?’ is not the first question that arises in our minds. Rather ‘where to start from?’ is the foremost question. So, to answer that – start from where you wake up in the morning – your bed! Arranging the pillows, folding the blanket and tucking the bed sheet nicely would hardly take 5 minutes. Make it a part of your daily morning routine.

  • ‘Grab & Fold’ Rule

The most significant hack to solve the woe of how to keep your room clean everyday is the ‘grab and fold rule’. Grab anything that your eyes witness in your room and quickly fold it and store it in its apt place. Right from your tops and jeans to your blankets and sheets, everything must be grabbed and folded the minute you see them out of their respective storage places.

  • Storage Area

Creating (DIY) or buying an apt storage area for your items in the room is highly crucial. You can’t just keep dumping things anywhere in your room. A special storage area for your books, stationery, clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. must be chosen to maintain cleanliness. Do not mix everything up.

  • Create A Mood & Begin!

Since we procrastinate to get up and clean our room everyday, we must first encourage our mind and soul to start cleaning. To do so, we need to create a pleasant mood in the room. It might be by putting on some energetic songs, spraying some air freshener around, putting on your favorite TV series, lighting candles with essence, etc.

  • Weekly & Daily Cleaning

Though the question is how to keep your room clean everyday but there are some tasks which need not to be done on a daily basis like floor scrubbing or using a vacuum or cleaning your closet and the fans. Tasks like these can be performed on a weekly basis and some tasks like sweeping and making the bed must be done daily. So you need to sort all the cleaning tasks this way.

  •  Sort It Out

Suppose you are cleaning your closet today so the first thing that you need to do is sorting. Sort all your clothes in different sections like – tops, shirts, jeans, pajamas, socks, shorts, frocks, skirts, etc. This allows you to arrange your closet faster and easily. This can be done for your study table, dressing table, etc.

  • Avoid Eating In Your Room

Only knowing how to keep your room clean everyday is not significant; you should also know how to not spoil your room everyday. Eating in your room everyday and creating a mess on your bed, couch and floor or letting a banana peel stink around for days in your room is definitely going to make your room seem awful. Thus, avoid eating in your room.

  • Organize Items On Desk

Bed, closet and desk are usually the most noticeable and kind of big things in your room. Thus they need to be given more attention. Cleaning and arranging the stationary on your desk, keeping minimum items on the desk, sorting stationary items, etc. not only make you feel like studying on the desk but also make your entire room seem cleaner.

  • Grab A Dustbin For Your Room

This might sound common and obvious but yet many of us forget or avoid having a dustbin in your room. How to keep your room clean everyday cannot be resolved unless you have a proper dustbin in you room. So, this hack is added as just a quick reminder to make sure that you grab a dustbin for your room.

Okay so that was it from my basket of ideas that teach you how to keep your room clean everyday. Well, I anticipate that you might have liked these ideas and if you did, do try them out in real life too! Also, how to keep your room clean EVERYDAY is a challenging task but if you make your little efforts daily with diligence and sincerity, this task would no more seem like a burden believe me. You’d definitely love the results!

All the best!

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