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Features to Look for in a Barcode Reader SDK for Retail

Barcodes are essential for every retail business. Today, it’s impossible to think of retail without barcode technology. Every product, from soaps to oil cartons, has a barcode label placed on it. And to read barcodes, every retail business needs a powerful barcode scanning solution. While handheld barcode scanners have ruled the retail industry for a long time, the increasing use of smartphones has led to the growing demand for barcode scanning SDKs. With a barcode reader SDK, developers can add barcode reading functionality in web, mobile, and desktop applications. In addition, a commercial-grade barcode reader SDK has many advantages as compared to traditional handheld scanners. If you are looking for a barcode scanning SDK for your retail business, here are all the features you must consider. 

Features and Customization Capability 

Just like you choose a TWAIN compliant scanner to build your web applications, make sure you check out all the functionalities and features of the barcode reader SDK before making a purchase. You need to see if the barcode reader supports all the barcode symbologies used in retail extensively. After all, you don’t want to struggle to read barcodes in front of your customers. 

The next thing you need to look for is whether the barcode reader SDK supports your application platform. For example, if you want a mobile application, look for a barcode reader SDK designed for Android and iOS. For the web, it should support JavaScript. The same goes for desktop applications. 

Most handheld barcode readers are incapable of reading damaged and distorted barcodes. Choose a barcode reader SDK that can be customized as per your use case. It should work well in low light and poor contrast. It should read even wrinkled QR codes and barcodes, as such scenarios are pretty common in retail. For inventory management, the barcode reader should read multiple barcodes in one session, as scanning one barcode at a time can be highly time-consuming. 

Timely Upgrades 

Technology keeps evolving every day. Hence, the barcode reader provider you choose must offer timely upgrades. No solution is perfect. So, to make improvements in the software and provide an optimal experience to the users, timely upgrades are crucial. Therefore, opting for a commercial-grade barcode reader SDK over an open-source is the best option. 

Technical Support 

The barcode reader solution provider must offer technical support to resolve your queries. Dealing with software can be challenging at times. This feature is not available with free, open-source solutions. Hence, it would help if you opted for an enterprise-grade barcode reader solution. You can find out the solution to all the issues you are facing.  

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK: Leading Barcode Reader in the Market 

Dynamsoft is known for its TWAIN compliant scanner, Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK, OCR SDKs, and Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDKs. Its barcode reader SDK is loaded with all the features mentioned above and provides tremendous technical assistance. The barcode scanning SDK is trusted by leading brands across the globe, such as Lee Valley Tools, the German Red Cross, and many others. Download the free 30-day trial and discover all its features on your own before making a decision. 

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