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Meso Scale Discovery – Expanding Biomarker Menu Of Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) Multiplex Testing Services

Meso Scale Discovery

Meso Scale Discovery

Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) has numerous applications available for the screening, selection, and validation of biomarker services. From MSD cytokine and MSD biomarker assays to custom multiplex immunoassays, Meso Scale Discovery provides a plethora of assaying options to accelerate all essential biomarker development programs. MSD can screen several biomarkers and translate relevant ones into focused panels for the testing of biological samples.

MSD’s multi-array technology employs next-gen electrochemiluminescence in the detection of biomarkers through single and multiplex assays. Meso Scale Discovery multiplex assays combine the multi-array and electrochemiluminescent technology to produce high speed and dense biological information through organization, miniaturization, and parallel sample processing.

Meso Scale Discovery
Meso Scale Discovery

Expanding MSD biomarker assays

Traditional immunoassays such as ELISA and RIA fall short in evaluating clinical samples. Complex biological samples, limited sample volumes, and a wide concentration range are some significant hurdles faced while performing biomarker assays. MSD assays have improved sensitivity, a wide dynamic range, enables multiplexing, and performs well in complex biological matrices. Moreover, MSD biomarker assays come with IQ/OQ/PQ validation and are well-suited in all regulated work environments.

Discover a suitable MSD biomarker assay

MSD biomarker assays are a rapid and convenient assay option for measuring single or multiple targets in small sample volumes. From easy to develop multiplex assays to high-performance sensitive assays, MSD biomarker assays have five distinct types of immunoassays to meet all biomarker assay needs. These assays include R-Plex, U-Plex, T-Plex, V-Plex, and S-Plex immunoassays. Let us study how each of these assay types can help increase the bandwidth of biomarker assays.

R-Plex assays

R-Plex assays are rapid, easy to design singleplex and multiplex immunoassays. Each assay contains a capture antibody, labeled detection antibody, and calibrator for assessing biomarkers in biological samples. R-Plex gives the liberty of choosing the type of plate for specific applications. Moreover, newer antibodies are introduced to the ever-increasing portfolios to conduct research in several key areas including, inflammation, metabolism, cancer, and obesity.

U-Plex assays

U-Plex comes with more than 200 assay types, providing unmatched flexibility for biomarker evaluation. U-Plex assays can be used alone or combined with other assays to create personalized multiplex combinations. U-Plex assay designers can create personalized panels by using a wide range of MSD assay antibodies, study antibodies, or by combining both.

T-Plex assays

T-Plex immunoassays are ready-to-use assay kits for measuring biomarker levels in small-volume samples. T-Plex assays have both singleplex and multiplex options and come in ultra-sensitive, tissue culture, serum/plasma, whole-cell lysate, and base kits.

V-Plex assays

V-Plex assays are validated immunoassays capable of providing long-term and reliable study results. They come as individual kits or custom multiplex kits and offer exceptional sensitivity, dynamic range, and consistency.

S-Plex assays

S-Plex assays are ultra-sensitive immunoassays that can drastically improve assay sensitivity by reducing the assay LLOD over 10 to 1000 folds compared to other assay methods. Such enhanced sensitivity means analytes at lower concentrations can be easily measured, with reduced sample volume and reagents.

MSD biomarker assays Conclusion

Meso Scale Discovery has a wide range of immunoassays for biomarker evaluations. Depending on assay requirements, sponsors can custom tailor each MSD biomarker assay to meet all study conditions.

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