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Don’t Worry About Social Media Campaign: Use OgyMogy Phone Monitoring App

Do you own a business or are you in a planning stage to start. Whatever the case is you must have heard about online marketing strategies like the use of social media tools. No matter how small or big a business is,an efficient social media campaign can make a difference. The use of platformslike Facebook,Instagram adswith instant messenger chat apps as a marketing tool is a common trend these days.

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  • Do you know around 50 million small businesses use the Facebook page option to connect with customers?
  • According to a review42.com article, 90% of marketers reported positive effects in their business after using social media marketing tools for their brand.
  • 71% of people recommend the brand to others if they have a good social media experience with eth respective.

Well, the impressive statistics are proof that no doubt the use of different social media platforms in business is good for profit and sales.

People of every age group use the social media platform as source form we are social shows that on average a normal social media user use 9 different types of platform.This is a huge number.Now imagine using more than 3 platforms to promote the new product or service and reaching maximum customer in a minimum time. Sounds fun right.? But don’t forget, to manage this social media campaign you have to hire a competent social media team as well. And not just that you need to monitor the social media team work around the clock so that there is no chance of mistake. 

To monitor the employee team there isone simple and advanced way that can help you digitally in the most sophisticated way. Use OgyMogy the phone monitoring app and monitor the social media campaign remotely without any trouble. Thespy app covers most of the major social media apps thus in case you are using instant messenger chat asp as well as a marketing tool still you are on the safe end as the list of apps covered by the spy app is long.

Here is how you can manage the social media campaign of your brand,service, or product successfully.

FaceBook Ad AndLive Story Updates:

Facebook is the oldest platform and is commonly used by different brands business. In case you want to campaign about your product in live story updates or through ads then you can monitor the employees in action easily by using the Facebook spy app. The Facebook screen recording featurekeeps the record of all the live stories forthe user on the web portal. You can track any mistake canknow about the employee’s body language using the app.

Messenger Notices:

In case you want to know how much your customers are anticipating about the new product or service or what are they expecting then you might be using eth Facebook messenger app as a communication tool. Use the spy Facebook message facility offered by the OgyMogy phone monitoring app and read the inbox chat content between employees and customers remotely. Find out of any employees is misbehaving or rude with the customers.

Frequent Updates OnInstagram Official Page:

As we talk earlier use of social media platform as a marketing tool is very common and use of more than one app make it easy for the brand to reach all kindof users. So if you are using the Instagramapp as a marketing tool then updates with high-quality pictures and hashtagsare mandatory. Make sure the employees responsible for Instagram marketing have good aesthetic sense and skills and they frequently update about the brand or product. Monitor thehashtags and make sure the employees respond promptly to any post about the query or complaints regarding the product or delivery. See a timely response can calm down a mad customer but no reasons or late response can be fatal for your brand image.

Using New Techniques LikeSnapchat Filter To Catch Youngsters Attention:

If your new product is for young people then it is wise enough to use a platform famous in the young generation like Snapchat. Use the filter option and let the youngsters discover about your product and services through the discover option. Keep an eye on the Snapchat filter and update quality with the snapchat spy app of OgyMogy phone monitoring. Visit OgyMogy.com for more details and useful features.

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