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Crucial Tips That Can Ensure Your Success In The Defence Exams

A medley of enthusiasm, confidence, optimism and dedication can help you achieve your desirable goal. Youth of India is jingoistic and yearns to join the Indian defence forces with the intention to serve their motherland. They channel through strenuous examinations and SSB interviews to hold a prestigious position in forces. Youngsters have an undying case for defence jobs. It is because the defence sector offers a hefty salary along with a plethora of privileges. Additionally, the whole country venerates defence personnel with huge respect and honour for their gallant services.

Every year the defence forces conduct a host of exams for hiring capable youngsters to its various branches. The majority of the 12th pass youngsters appear for the NDA exam. In the haste to perform best in the exam, they search for an illustrious source for guidance.  So, joining the Best NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh can serve them great help. To ensure your success in the defence exam, it is essential to follow an organized and disciplined routine. This way defence aspirants will be able to clear the exam in a single attempt.

Go through some crucial tips that can ensure your success in the defence exams:

  1. Gather meticulous exam details

Firstly, you need to gather every little detail of the exam. Go through the eligibility criteria of the exam to confirm whether you can appear for the exam or not. Afterwards, collect relevant details of the exam pattern and syllabus. You can easily get it by visiting the official website. Generally, when an official notification is released, it has annexures attached to it stating the exam syllabus. So, try to go through the official notification carefully. Doing this will help you strategize your study routine.

  • Create a disturbance-free study environment

An ideal study environment will help you study with concentration. Try to choose a place for study in your home that has proper ventilation and minimal distractions. It is advisable to keep your study room free from all kinds of mess. Always keep gadgets away from your study area. You can post some inspirational quotes around your study area to boost energy in you for better preparation. Additionally, keep your study area free from dirt.

  • Use mnemonics

Mnemonics are memory techniques that can help you retain information by associating it with sentences, images or words. There are several ways through which you can make mnemonics like relating a concept with a visual picture. You can frame acronyms with the first letter of every word of a sentence or by making rhymes of words. It is highly effective in retaining and recollecting different formulas and concepts.

  • Clear your basic concepts

You need to clear your basic concepts of every subject while preparing for the defence exams. Being a defence aspirant you can make your basics strong by going through following tips:

  • Improve your basics of science with the help of basic science books.
  • Go through basic books of geography explaining physical features of India, Rivers, Mountains, their estuaries and deltas.
  • Have complete knowledge of the Indian constitution.
  • Study the economics by going through the 5-year plans, basic economic terms, Census etc.
  • Know the history of your country.
  • To magnify your current affairs, you can read a newspaper daily or rely on a relevant news channel. In addition to it, you can follow a monthly magazine.

Are you planning to enter the Indian Air forces of India? If yes, all you need to do is qualify the AFCAT exam. It’s quite obvious that you’ll need a reliable source that can help you for exam preparation. For sterling guidance, join the eminent AFCAT coaching institute in Chandigarh.

  • Refrain from social media

Your phone is a home to a number of distractions. One of the noxious distractions is social media. Try not to fritter your time by scrolling social media. There will be time in a day when you will give yourself a break from study, use that time for extra activities. Thus, it is the sole reason why it was mentioned above to keep gadgets away from your study area. So, try not to fall into the trap of distractions and keep one point focused on your exam preparation.

  • Don’t forget to make a routine

It’s easy to prepare for the exam when you organize various activities to be done in a day. Making a timetable is essential, if you aim to clear the defence exam in a single go. When you’ll prepare a timetable make sure you are giving equal importance to every section of the exam. Moreover, you have to make yourself ready for the SSB interview. Give yourself sufficient time to exercise. As, it will help you clear your physical fitness round.

  • Practice mock tests

Sheer learning is not sufficient to clear the defence exams. You need to assess your calibre by solving various mock tests. It will aid in improving your weaker areas. Moreover, you’ll be able to enhance your speed and accuracy of solving questions. Most of the candidates get anxious by hearing the term ‘negative marking’. Practicing mock tests is a panacea to this anxiety. Moreover, it will help you prepare for each section of the exam. It is observed that those who solve mock tests are likely to clear the defence exam with flying colours.

  • Improve your focus

Improving your focus can help you grab concepts and topics easily. Meditation and yoga are true and tested techniques to enhance your focus while preparing for the exam. We all know that meditation is effective in calming our minds. Whereas, physical exercise will keep you light and alive while preparing for the exam.

Whether you are preparing for NDA, CDS or AFCAT, you need to clear your basic concepts. If you are unable to do it on your own, then join a coaching institute. Are you preparing for the CDS exam? Link with a brilliant CDS coaching in Chandigarh.


Cracking the defence exam is not child’s play. You need to go through hard core preparation with unwavering determination. If you are heedless of the effective ways that can help you prepare better, then look at the points above. Follow these tips religiously to bear fruitful results. Also, keep yourself cool and calm while preparing for the exam.

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