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Covid-19 Vaccine: All you need to know about Status About COVID vaccine in India

The year 2020 was quite a tough start. As the spread of this virus forced all the countries around the world to be under lockdown, the situation was the worst ever. Then, a moment of relief came into our lives when we heard about the successful trial of COVID 19 vaccines. People were waiting very eagerly for the arrival of this vaccine. And when the vaccines arrived, it created a lot of confusion among people. In this article, we are going to talk about the vaccines that are available in India. Furthermore, we will also talk about the intention of people about these vaccines.


Covaxin is a vaccine for coronavirus made entirely in India by Bharat Biotech (one of the biggest manufacturers of vaccines around the world) in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). This vaccine contains the inactivated virus that is injected into the human body to make it immune to the virus.

Right now, there are six vaccination sites of Covaxin in Mumbai. Authorized hospitals that are designated by the government will admit the persons who face any serious side-effects of this vaccine. Compensation will also be provided to all those who suffer some serious side-effects after vaccination.

As per many reports, all those who are being vaccinated will get a fact sheet along with a form to report the side-effects of Covaxin. People can cite all the side-effects that they may see after vaccination.


This vaccine has been developed by British-Swedish company AstraZeneca in collaboration with Oxford University. Indian firm called Serum Institute of India is the manufacturing partner of this vaccine. As per the statement of Adar Poonawalla (CEO of Serum Institute of India), this vaccine will be effective by an extent of 90-95% cases. The vaccine will be given in two shots in an interval of about 2-3 months.

This vaccine has emerged superior as compared to Moderna and Pfizer because it can be kept stable for atleast 6 months. That stability can be maintained at a regular Exercise temperature. All those vaccines that are based on the new mRNA approach require ultra-cold temperature for storage.

People’s reaction

India has recently started to vaccinate people. These two vaccines i.eCovaxin and Covishield succeeded in getting approval from the Indian government. Based on the data, Patna emerged as the place where most people took the vaccines. The total number reached beyond 47,411. Among those people, 49% took Covaxin while 55% took Covishield.

Many hospitals are saying that the majority of people around this country are relying on the vaccine named Covishield. It is quite strange that many people are refusing to take the vaccine. This is mainly due to the rumors that were prevailing on the internet about the vaccine in the beginning. Mostly, people are afraid to take Covaxin as the results of stage-3 trials are yet to come.

Final thoughts

In this article, we tried to make you aware of India’s Health situation after the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines in the market. However, we insist you latest news and contact your doctor before making the final decision.

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