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Contemporary slavery extensive around the Globe by UN Investigator

A UN Investigator says that the contemporary forms of slavery are practiced around the world including forced labor for china’s Uyghur minority. And the bonded labor for the lowest caste Dalits in South Asia, Brazil, and Columbia, and domestic servitude in Gulf countries.

The special council of Human Rights Rapporteur Tomoya Obokat adds that the traditional enslavement, primarily of minorities, continues. It is found in Mauritania, Niger, and Mali in Africa’s Sahel region. He said in a report to the UN General Assembly circulated Wednesday that child labor is another contemporary form of slavery. They all exist in all the regions of the world, including their worst conditions. In the Pacific and Asia, the Middle East, the Americans, and Europe and between 4 to 6 percent of children are in child labor. But the percentage is much higher in Africa, with the highest rate in sub-Saharan Africa.

His conclusion about the Uyghurs in China’s northwestern province of Xinjiang follows a US ban imposed last December on imports from the region unless businesses prove items are made without a labor force. Many claim that China engages in systematic and widespread abuse of religious minorities and ethnic groups in the western region.


What is the percentage of child labor in America and Europe?

Ans. 4 to 6 percent

What is the percentage of child labor in sub-Saharan Africa?

Ans. 23.9 percent

Which are the most concerning topics these days?

Ans. child labour

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