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Check Here: Why 43 Inches Realme TV is Better Than Other TV’s Out There?

Realme is one of India’s most popular smartphone manufacturers. And the brand’s success with smartphones has given it the confidence to expand into other categories such as audio products, smartwatches, fitness bands, and even smart televisions. 

To distinguish the realme Smart TV from other brands, we compiled some of the most notable features of the realme TV 43 Inch Smart TV.

Realme Smart Led TV Features 

realme TV 43 inch is, in fact, a more assured offering, as it does not require the brand to rely on trying to introduce a completely new TV technology with this device. With a few additional twists, the realme TV 43 inch features Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and TUV certifications and thus claims to be a competent 4K TV with smaller screens than 50 inches. The smart TV runs on Android 10.0, which is, at present, considered a gold standard in the smart TV market.

Light Weight

realme TV 43 inch looks like any other smart TV in this price range, but the good news is that it’s quite light to handle. The package includes all necessary screws and bolts, saving you money on additional purchases. 


The screen is one of the most critical aspects of television, and realme excels at it. The realme Smart Led TV supports HDR content at a resolution of 1080p. Due to the rarity of smart TVs supporting the HDR10 format in this price range, realme performs admirably despite the absence of 4K. Three sides of the realme TV feature minimal bezels, while the bottom features a thicker bezel to incorporate the realme branding.


The realme led TV 43 Inch sound quality is very impressive. Most budget smart TVs have sound issues, but this one does not. It produces 24W of audio through a four-speaker system that supports Dolby Audio. Apart from being loud, the realme TV’s crisp and detailed, owing to the dedicated tweeters.

Easy Access to All Platforms

realme Smart Led TV is powered by Android TV, which means it supports all popular streaming services, apps, and games, which most people are looking for in a smart TV these days. The TV comes pre-installed with Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video, and users can download additional apps via the Play Store for Android TV. Switching between platforms, on the other hand, took some time and was not very seamless.

HDMI and Other Ports

The good news is that the TV includes all necessary ports and inputs, including three HDMI ports, two USB ports, a LAN port, and an antenna socket, digital audio out RCA port, a single 3.5mm AV connector, and a 3.5mm jack for wired headphones or speakers.  

Chroma Boost Technology

The 4K display on this television features Chroma Boost, which enhances brightness, contrast, and color. This way, you can take advantage of the film’s cinematic image quality. Your eyes will be protected while you watch your favorite content, thanks to the realme Smart TV’s TUV Low Blue Light Certification.

Remote Control

It is especially useful that the realme TV 43 Inch remote control allows you to adjust picture quality on the fly – by pressing the Quick Settings button, you can choose Sound Mode, a sleep timer, Picture Mode, choose the input source, and choose “More” for accessing the expanded picture settings. 

Why should you prefer Realme Smart TV?

If you’re looking for an Television (Tv), you should consider the realme TV 43 Inch. Indeed, if you’re considering purchasing a smart TV for the first time, the realme Smart TV’s simple interface makes it a viable option. There are genuinely thin bezels on the realme TV 43 Inch, which enhances the TV’s appearance. Its minimal design almost makes it seem like the ideal piece for a small room due to its minimal appearance.

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