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Can Brostrend AC1200 Range Extender Be Used For WiFi Router?

The Brostrend ac1200 is a wireless dual-band signal booster extender that extends the network coverage. It seamlessly delivers ultimate coverage with an AC speed of 1200 Mbps. This extender adds wi-fi network coverage of up to 1,200 sq. ft. The Brostrend ac1200 dual-band range extender is a capable networking device. It handles more than 20 networks such as speaker, PC, game consoles, printer, desktop, NAS, IP camera, iPhone, and others. It simultaneously extends the speed to 867 Mbps in the 5 GHz band and 300 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band. This wifi range extender allows enjoying 4K video streaming, music, and gaming without any interruption. In other words, the Brostrend ac1200 range extender is the best and better networking device for long networking areas. This networking device smoothly delivers a wi-fi network in the entire home.

The Brostrend ac1200 wifi extender has 2 strong antennas. This antenna is truly useful to improve the interrupted signal or weak signal. In the front panel, the WPS button is also established that allows you to do a trouble-free Brostrend ac1200 wifi extender setup. You can just press this button and instantly do the setup within some seconds.

Some basic features about the Brostrend ac1200 range extender

There are some basic features of the Brostrend ac1200 wifi extender. With these features, the wifi network range is automatically increased. These basic features allow you to do online office work without any interrupted signal or buffering. The Brostrend ac1200 extender is seamlessly used for all wifi routers. There are also some basic features of this range extender

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Extend wireless network coverage with 2 powerful antennas

The Brostrend ac1200 wireless extender extends the network coverage. This extender mainly uses to extend the network coverage. It used the latest and most advanced networking technology and then instantly extended the network. In the other words, the Brostrend ac1200 range extender has built-in 2 powerful external antennas. One antenna is located on the left-hand panel and the other antennas are located on the right-hand panel. You can externally extend the network then you can install this antenna. After installing the external antennas it absolutely extends the wireless network coverage.

Wi-fi network speed AC1200 Mbps Of Brostrend ac1200 range extender

The Brostrend ac1200 wireless extender comes with a 1200 Mbps network speed. This speed is 3× faster in comparison to the wifi router. This extender is mostly used to improve the router’s weak or interrupted signal. If you want to cover a long-lasting coverage area then you can attach the extender to the router. It is an optimum network solution for eliminating wi-fi dead zones. The Brostrend ac1200 wifi range extender also uses dual-band networking technology and handles 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz frequency bands. The 5 GHz radio frequency is optimum and better for a faster wi-fi network. The 2.4 GHz is ideal for wider or border network coverage.

Quickly and easy setup in seconds

The setup of the Brostrend ac1200 range extender is simple and quick via the WPS button. In the extender front panel, the smart LED indicator and WPS button are there. The LED indicator provides information about the location. If you can place the extender in the wrong position then the LED turns red. Then you can quickly modify the position to fix this error. You can use this button and instantly do the Brostrend ac1200 setup. To set up the Brostrend extender just press the wi-fi protected setup(WPS) button of your extender and router. Afterward, the setup of your wifi range extender is successfully complete.

Universal compatibility of Brostrend AC1200 Range Extender

The Brsotrend ac1200 dual-band wi-fi range extender is compatible with all networking devices. It also has universal compatibility. This means it also works with all the routers, gateway, cable modem, wired router, iPhone, android mobile phone, desktop, game console, and more. The Brostrend ac1200 extender handles various networking devices with the wider network coverage. Along with this, it also delivers constant network connection to all the devices.

Wireless bridge and access point mode

The Brostrend ac1200 range extender also has wireless bridges and access point mode. This mode is truly beneficial to extend the network coverage. The access point allows connecting your device in a wired way. The access point mode of the Brostrend range extender creates another wi-fi network. The wireless bridge mode of this range extender allows connecting the wired device to the range extender. You can use 1 fast Ethernet port of the range extender, and then connect your wired device to WiFi, such as a game console, PlayStation, Xbox, desktop, Smart TV, PC/MAC.

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