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Call Doctor Online

Call Doctor Online

We are living in an age where technology and digital advancement have made our life easy and comfortable in unprecedented ways. The healthcare space is no different. Online medical care has eliminated to a large extent the need to travel to clinics and wait for hours to see doctors. Today, you can call a doctor online and consult from the comfort of your home. 

Call Doctor Online
Call Doctor Online

Online doctor consultation or calling a doctor online is a medium to virtually connect patients and doctors. The mode is highly convenient and easy and helps in getting online doctor advice using the internet and telemedicine apps or platforms. Online doctor consultation has also greatly democratized healthcare, as it is location agnostic, and economic, hence, potentially serves all sections of the population. In a country like India where access to quality healthcare is a mammoth challenge, online doctor consultation can be a game-changer for the future.

Calling a doctor online through video/teleconsultation ensures your safety and wellbeing while helping you avoid adverse health conditions later. This is of immense benefit to people who cannot reach hospitals or clinics for check-ups. At this time of the coronavirus pandemic, it is even more essential to get an expert’s consultation from home to keep yourself healthy, both mentally and physically. Moreover, taking precautions by means of calling a doctor online is now a smart choice not only for you but also for your family members. At DocGenie we provide video and teleconsultations for all your health-related issues from the safety of your home by specialist doctors across all areas of diverse health conditions. Our team of experienced, skilled, and renowned doctors is ready to help you with consultation and treatment for your health care needs right from the comfort of your home.

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Why Choose Online Consultation Doctor?

  • Saves time
  • No travelling; No traffic hassles; No more long waiting hours
  • At home, at your convenience
  • Less risk of transmission of any new illness
  • Get an e-prescription
  • Boon for elderly people with restricted mobility needing immediate medical attention
  • Best option if and when you suddenly fall sick and are too weak to visit a doctor
  • In case you have an important office meeting coinciding with your mom’s doctor appointment
  • It is just a call away; consult with top doctors to get accurate diagnosis and recommendation for you and your family members or near ones
  • Benefits of choosing a specialised doctor from your home
  • 100% safe consultations with top doctors 24×7
  • Fully private and secured while having similar clinic like experience from your home
  • Option to choose a medical specialtysuch asGeneral Physician, Child Specialist etc
  • Easily connect with a specialist doctor and share your health issues and concerns

Top Specialties

You can call a doctor online for the following health issues-

  • General Physician or doctors who specialise in all non-surgical healthcare queries
  • Child Specialistdoctors or Pediatricians who specialise in child health care
  • Gynaecologist or doctors who specialise in women’s health care
  • Diabetologist or doctors who consult and treat patients suffering from diabetic issues
  • Dermatologist or doctors who specialise in skin, hair and nails and some cosmetic problems
  • Doctors and Therapists who help people with their emotional health like stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Dietician or experts in human nutrition and the regulation of diet
  • Sexologist or doctors who specialise in human sexual health, sexual interests and behaviours
  • Gastroenterologist or doctors who specialise in treatment of diseases relating to gastrointestinal tract and digestive issues
  • Critical Care experts or doctors and experts available who specialise in management of critical care patient
  • Doctors who deal with virus related, cold and flu-like symptoms
  • Child Psychology or experts are available to answer your queries regarding a child mental wellbeing
  • Specialised Chronic Disease Management or a special team of doctors for chronic disease management.

How does it work –

  • Select a speciality or symptom
  • Book an online appointmenton website or app of the platform providing call doctor online facility
  • An executive will get in touch with you and schedule an appointment
  • You will be able to video/tele call a verified doctor for a consultation and start with the treatment.
  • Monitoring facility is also involved after consultation and doctors will measure your improvements and recommend next steps as and when needed
  • Get a digital prescription

At DocGenie we have handpicked our network of doctors and in doing so have verified each one of them for their license, certificates, documents, and registrations to ensure they maintain the highest clinical standards. All our doctors are highly specialized in their respective fields and are highly equipped and skilled to handle online consultations.

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