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Beginning on October 12, the Huawei Watch D will be available for purchase in Europe

Huawei Watch D

In December 2021, Huawei unveiled the Watch D, a first-generation smartwatch that can measure blood pressure. Although the wearable was not anticipated outside of the domestic market, it was eventually unveiled to a global audience this May during the Mate Xs2 global launch in Milan, Italy.

Huawei Watch
Huawei Watch

Without a specific release date or target markets, the price was initially set at €449 and later confirmed again during Huawei’s keynote address at IFA 2022 in Berlin. Today, the company officially announced that Watch D will arrive on October 12 in Germany.

With one significant exception, the Huawei Watch D is similar to all other wearables from the manufacturer. This is because it allows for the attachment of a special air pump or airbag next to the strap for high-precision blood pressure monitoring. According to the company, the sensors’ measurements have a very small margin of error of just 3 mmHg. Similar to the Watch GT 3 Pro, it has ECG support.

The European Medicines Agency, the organization that oversees and supervises pharmaceutical products throughout the EU, according to multiple confirmations from Huawei executives, was the cause of the delayed arrival.

Germany is the first market to receive the Watch D, and we can confirm that Italy will follow soon after. The wearable for blood pressure is approved or disapproved by each European nation independently. Although it might take some time, we think the Huawei Watch D’s introduction in Germany will have a snowball effect, allowing for a quicker approval process and subsequent introduction across the Old Continent.

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