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Amrit Mahotsav by PM: A Golden Chance

On Saturday, Narendra Modi said that very few people witnessed the struggle period during that time. But the patriotic feeling is very important for the current generation and building a very good nation. To create a patriotic zeal, Narendra Modi is going to launch a program called Amar Utsav where he will provide a patriotic atmosphere to the youth.

This is the right time to build the feeling of patriotism among the youth and make them do something for the country. With a feeling of patriotism, the youth will do their best to take the country to new heights. “Tiranga” itself has a lot of meaning as it represents the symbol of prosperity, unity, and positivity as well. We all know that the current generation is the leader of tomorrow, so patriotism is a feeling which is important just like the other skills.

What is Narendra Modi going to introduce to the youth?

Ans. A program named ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’.

Which national things represent the prosperity, positivity, and unity of a time?

Ans. Tiranga

  1. How does patriotism help the youth?

Ans. It will give them a unique way to think and take action

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