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Again, Nitish Kumar dismisses his desire to become prime minister.

Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, reiterated that his party’s desire to become prime minister is not currently on his mind, days after igniting a major political uproar by abandoning the state’s co-ruling coalition with the BJP. Speaking to reporters in the nation’s capital today. Kumar pledged that he would work to unite the opposition parties and urged them to work together.

Nitish Kumar made fun of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 10 by remarking, “Win won in 2014, but will he win in 2024?” as he took office as the seventh chief minister of Bihar. He had previously informed reporters that he was “not a contender for anything” when they questioned him whether he intended to run for prime minister at the time. He said that the thing to ask is whether the applicant from 2014 will win in 2024.

He folded his hands and responded, “I don’t think about it,” when pressed further about it. He added that it would be great if all opposition parties worked together, and his obligation was to make that effort. There will be disagreements even among close friends, he continued. We will discuss how to improve the social environment and people’s difficulties together.

Mr Kumar predicts that the cabinet will likely be enlarged before August 15. According to sources, the RJD will reportedly have more ministers than the Janata Dal-United.


1- When will the cabinet be expanded?

Ans- According to Mr.Kumar – till August 15

2- Did Mr Kumar says he would try to bring opposition parties together?

Ans- Yes

3- When was the oath taken ?

Ans- on August 10

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