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A Guide to Choosing a Vet for Your Horse

Horse dentist

When you think of dentists, you probably think of humans who work on human teeth. But horses have teeth, too, and these teeth can become damaged just like human teeth can become damaged from cavities and other dental issues. That’s why horse dentists exist— the Horse dentist help treat the dental health problems that can plague your equine friend! But what does a horse dentist do? Here’s everything you need to know about how this particular branch of veterinary medicine helps your horse keep its pearly whites healthy and strong!

What Is a Horse Dentist?

Although some people joke those horses have teeth to chew on other horses, all horse owners need to keep their equine companions’ mouths healthy. When your horse gets the periodontal disease, it will experience pain and difficulty eating and may also lose weight because of all that hard work trying to get enough food down its throat. To make sure your horse doesn’t suffer from these issues, you should learn about how dentists for horses work. Several veterinary universities offer training in equine dentistry, which helps prevent periodontal disease by regularly cleaning teeth and keeping them healthy. You might have heard of a horse dentist if you live in an area where one is nearby; however, many veterinarians perform these services as well.

What Types of Problems Does a Horse Dentist Fix?

A horse dentist is capable of fixing all sorts of issues with horses. A horse’s mouth is full of different teeth that fit into one another, like a jigsaw puzzle. These teeth are used to grab and bite food for consumption; without them, your horse would starve to death. But problems develop when there is an issue in any one of these teeth, whether it be from trauma or decay. A regular equine veterinarian can treat many conditions in a horse’s mouth, but only an equine dentist has specialty training to manage various types of dental issues effectively. This means you should call upon them if you notice any sort of dental problem within your horse’s mouth. 

Horse dentist
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Can My Horse Still Be Competitive If He Goes to The Horse Dentist?

It’s often said that a horse is only as good as his last race. It isn’t necessarily true in many cases, but winning horses are considered hot, and all others are cold. The truth is that winning horses aren’t always winners because they have good dentists; instead, they win because they have great trainers, fantastic jockeys, and owners who put them in races where their chances of success outweigh their chances of failure. The point of that rambling disclaimer is to say that winning isn’t simply about going to see the equine dentist and having perfect teeth; it’s about preparation on every level, from diet to schedule.

Is My Horse Too Young for A Visit to The Horse Dentist?

Your horse’s teeth may need some attention while they are still developing. A good rule of thumb is to get them checked once their permanent teeth start to come in and then yearly after that. Watch for any sores, swelling or breakage because these could be signs of malocclusion, which is when your horse’s teeth are misaligned with one another or out of alignment with his jawbone. This could result in pain and digestive problems as he chews. If you do notice something wrong with his mouth, don’t hesitate to bring him in! It’s always better to address issues like these early on so they don’t become unmanageable later on.

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