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A Dangerous Attack on a Somalia Food Convoy

Almost 20 people, including children and women, have been killed and food aid destroyed as militants attack vehicles in Somalia’s central Hiiraan region. They put a bomb in the car and blew it up. They were trying to target a government-affiliated armed group. AI-Shabab controls almost a considerable area in southern and central Somalia. But to extend its influence in the region, the government is trying to carry out these kinds of deadly attacks. 

About two weeks ago, the fighters stormed a hotel and killed 20 people in the capital. The governor of Hiiraan is Ali Jeyte Osman and he said that the death toll because of the attack could also rise as 27 more people had been killed. 

The local clan leader, Abdirahman, described the attack as horrible and added the atrocities in the region. The innocent civilians who did nothing deserved this kind of death. The president of Somalia vowed that his government would take action against it and leave no stone unturned in the fight against terrorism. 

According to a local news report channel, the food-carrying lorries were attacked by a group of local fighters and they have been backing the government’s offensive against them. 


  1. How many people were killed in the last attack?

Ans. 20 

  1. Who is the governor of Hiiraan?

Ans. Ali Jeyte Osman 

  1. Who is the president of Somalia?

Ans. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud 

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