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7 Reasons Why E-commerce Websites Should opt for Cloud Hosting

7 Reasons Why E-commerce Websites Should Opt for Cloud Hosting - bodHOST

The connection between businesses and their customers has been forever altered by the introduction of e-commerce in the market. As e-commerce fulfills customers’ varied needs, a hassle-free and safe web hosting solution to form a solid foundation is the need of the day. Managed cloud hosting in the USA is the perfect way to ensure all the business and customer requirements are successfully met. Its incredible scalability and flexible infrastructure can easily pave the path for your success.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting comes with its own set of resources that you can assign to the smooth functioning of your websites and apps. Cloud hosting is done on several servers that are all connected which allows a lot more scalability quite easily. Since traditional web hosting solutions stick to a single server, it can be harder to change up whenever your need for resources increases or decreases. Hence, e-commerce websites can benefit greatly from cloud server hosting in the USA.

Due to this, it is better to choose a managed cloud hosting service to provide the best e-commerce experience for your customers. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons your e-commerce website can benefit from cloud hosting.

1. A boost in scalability

Scalability is one of the most crucial aspects that an e-commerce store needs to expand. bodHOST Managed cloud hosting services offer maximum scalability. It has an incredible amount of flexibility that can help your business get as many resources as it needs. While several other web hosting services might not know how to deal with traffic spikes, cloud hosting is perfect for it. When you bring a new service or product into the market, you could experience a substantial rise in traffic. Cloud hosting, in such cases, can easily handle such situations.

Cloud server hosting in the USA allows you to get rid of servers that you do not need. Cloud will also help you reduce your resources once you don’t need them anymore. There is no need to deal with contracts that are extremely long-term. You have to pay only for the resources that you utilize. It helps you plan your budget accordingly and to keep within it.

2. Incredible performance

The most prominent benefit of cloud hosting is its ability to offer quite fast access to data. Other web hosting services might not be able to provide the same. It helps substantially boost your speed. They have their servers located worldwide, which helps with faster loading time and better performance overall. When the user requests certain content or a page, the server nearest to them provides it.

3. Advanced security

Advanced safety is one of the best advantages of cloud hosting services in the USA. Security problems are a huge concern for all e-commerce companies. However, cloud tech is quite cutting edge and has ample security protecting your entire database. They also provide security experts who have ample experience than an IT staff. Hence the security you get from cloud hosting is much superior, precise, and trustworthy than any other web hosting option.

4. Straightforward recovery process

If there is any kind of manmade or natural disaster that leads to system failure, your entire business might experience its ill effects as your whole operation stops functioning. How badly can it affect you, you might wonder. If it causes you to lose the database that your business relies on to function, your business might never recover. With cloud hosting services, regardless of any damage that your server or system encounters, your business will go on as normal. Your servers will ensure that it keeps functioning at optimal pace to provide great customer service.

5. Increased accessibility

Business operations need to have smooth functioning that can only be achieved if the database can be easily accessed. Cloud hosting can help users access your database easily, regardless of who the users are. These include partners, your employees, and many such individuals who might need it. There is another way of doing this of course that includes doing this entire setup in-house which naturally makes it easier to access your database. However, choosing cloud web hosting services make it a budget-friendly option and the entire process becomes much simpler. All the data can be easily accessed through the use of a web browser.

6. Boost earning

There is a lot of money business owners usually invest in their e-commerce store to bring in more customers and boost their sales along with the income. Cloud hosting will keep you in the loop about how the performance is going on, the number of visitors you are getting and can expect, along with the sales you are making. This is applicable when you are investing in a promotional campaign that results in a rise in the number of customers you get and the revenue you earn.

7. A boost in reliability

Cloud hosting services boost your website’s reliability throughout your entire operation, as well as provide smooth functioning. A common network connects all the cloud servers together, so when there is a huge demand for resources, all the servers divide it among themselves to provide optimum performance. Moreover, the boost in accessibility helps your system be completely reliable. So if you do encounter a surge in traffic, you can rest easy knowing your managed cloud hosting servers will provide the best functionality possible to provide the best results.


Cloud hosting servers have proven time and again to provide the best service for e-commerce websites. There are several reasons that make it so. Managed cloud hosting servers are known for their enhanced reliability, scalability, accessibility, flexibility, safety, recovery system, and smooth performance.

These are just a handful of the benefits of cloud hosting services that you will not find in other types of web hosting services. After all cloud servers provide a customizable service and perfect packages that can help your e-commerce website grow at any rate while maintaining a steady flow of top-tier resources.

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