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5 Ways to Go Pattaya From Bangkok

5 Ways to Go Pattaya From Bangkok

From giant Buddha sculptures to floating markets and skyscrapers, Pattaya is full of exciting activities and beautiful places to offer you. This is also why people follow the Bangkok Pattaya trips for Thailand. The Bangkok Pattaya tour packages provide beauty from the ancient period to the modern era. So, this collaboratively forms a fantastic trip for you, your friends, and your family.

Pattaya is located just two hours from Bangkok, and you can reach there by different transportation means. Here we will discuss the five best routes that can take you to Pattaya from Bangkok in a few hours. So, let us begin the list.

By Private Airport Transfer

bangkok to pattaya by flight

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the international airport in Bangkok which is almost at a distance of 120 km from Pattaya. If you plan to head towards Pattaya directly, it will be a waste of time to go through the traffic and find a taxi. Instead of that, you can book a private airport transfer to Pattaya from the airport. This will be the most suitable and comfortable way to reach Pattaya within two hours of the drive. To opt for this medium of transfer or transportation, you need to pre-book with the Airport private transfer. At the estimated time, the local driver will reach you and guide you to the car. He will then offer you some refreshments and welcome you in the car.

Private Airport Transfer is suitable for both solo trips and group trips also. Now, you need to relax and sit back. Enjoy the two hours drive, enjoying the beautiful buildings and the sculptures on the way. The private airport transfer will take you directly to the hotel that you booked in Pattaya.

By Bus

bangkok to pattaya by bus

If you are looking for a cheap public transportation facility to reach Pattaya, then the public buses can be reliable. By bus, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding for 2 to 3 hours depending upon the traffic. The best part is that it is the most affordable means of transport. To get a bus for Pattaya, you need to arrive at Mo Chit or Ekkamai Bus stations. The early bus leaves at 5.30, so get up early to get these AC buses with proper space. For these buses, you can also book the tickets online from the official portal of the bus company.

In Pattaya, if your destination is Jomtien beach, then look for a second class bus which is also an AC bus but is relatively slower than the first class. The significant benefit here will be that you will be directly dropped at the beach.

By Private Sightseeing Tour

If you have just one day to visit all the essential destinations at Pattaya and get back to Bangkok by the end of the day, then a private sightseeing tour package will suit you. In these packages, the guide will take you to Pattaya in minimum time to introduce you to the major attraction of Pattaya so that you do not have to waste time searching for these places.

If you opt for this package, then your tour will start at 7 in the morning. By 9 in the morning, you will reach Pattaya. During the entire time, you will visit places such as Khao Chi Chan, a Floating market, Thai classical dances, traditional Thai foods, Jomtien beach, etc. By 8 pm, you will reach back to Bangkok.

By Minivan

If you are looking for alternatives to the bus since it might be somewhat crowded, the best one is the minivan. Minivans are not only faster but also less crowded than buses. Also, you won’t have any complaints regarding the comfort of the minivans.

Before, the station for the minivans used to be the Victory Monument in Bangkok, but now you will find it from the Mo Chit bus station. By a minivan, you can reach Pattaya within 2 to 3 hours, which depends on the traffic.

You cannot book the tickets for the minivans in advance. Instead, you will be required to give the payment in cash right before you get into the minivan. The minivan can cost you somewhat higher than the buses but is not that crowded. Every 45 minutes, you will find a minivan to Pattaya. So, you need to arrive at the station on time and search for the minivans leaving for Pattaya. Since the minivans are small in size, you might face problems if you have lots of luggage. In such instances, you will be either asked to pay for a second seat, or you might be refused to travel.

By Train

bangkok to pattaya by train

The train is the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to reach Pattaya from Bangkok. Along with these benefits, you also get the chance to do something which will give you a Thai experience. The trains are also the most commonly used Thai public transport.

Before reaching out to any train, you must keep the details of the trains. So, there are two trains which take you to Pattaya from Bangkok. These trains run only during the weekdays and leave for Pattaya before 7 am. So, if you are willing to travel by train, you must leave early in the morning. Also, the seats in the trains are made of wood which gives you an experience of the old times. There is not a single AC class coach. These trains go through the village and markets to provide passengers with a thrilling experience.

One of these two trains is the rapid train, which will drop you at Pattaya by 9 am. The other train will drop you at Pattaya by 10.30 am since it stops in all major and minor stations. Also do not forget that these trains will not be functional during the weekends. The most important thing is that there is no such reservation facility available for both the trains to reach the station on time to get the tickets and seats.

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Therefore, we discussed the five major transport facilities that would probably help you reach Pattaya from Bangkok in the most convenient way. Now, as per your budget or comfort, you can choose the most suitable one for you. Moreover, It will be more convenient if you have already decided on the mode of transport since it will save you time to enjoy your Bangkok Pattaya trip properly or you can download the travel guide apps for better excursion.

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