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5 Reasons To Buy A Folding Mattress

In today’s hectic world everyone is busy with their tight schedules and gets minimal time to look after their bed. After all that hard work one deserves a good peaceful sleep.

A good mattress can relieve all your tension and stress during your sleep. But those heavy, bulky looking mattresses aren’t easily manageable, cleaning and taking care of such mattresses is an exhausting process. Here are some good reasons why you should invest in a foldable mattress.

Space Saving

Modern world is diverting toward confined living with minimum space consumption and maximum storage. These foldable mattresses are like a boone for this situation. Being a good space saving mattress there is no compromise on their quality, they are super comfy and easy to take care of.

Their adjustable folding feature makes them ideal for small rooms and houses. If your children share a room but want different beds then you may love to buy these mattresses as you can fit them easily in a small room.

Adjustable Design

Unlike your regular mattress which are bulky in size, these kinds of foldable mattresses are easily adjustable according to the needs, you can easily fold it and put it away anywhere in your house.

These are much easier to use as they have  a lightweight engineered foam in them. This foam is flexible and does not wear out easily. These mattresses will not leave you dissatisfied.

Travel Friendly

When you are travelling with you or go for a picnic with your friend and enjoy a good quality time then the only thought that may worry you is whether you are going to get a good, comfortable sleep or not.

While travelling if you didn’t get enough sleep then you may look tired and cannot enjoy your trip. These foldable mattresses are extremely lightweight and easy to carry, you can just fold it up and carry it wherever you go.

Stylish looking

If you want to upgrade your bedroom style, these mattresses are perfect for you. They look super stylish and elegantly fit your bed. They are designed neatly with careful sewings. Their clean and crisp look adds a dash of premium look to your bed. They come in different thicknesses, if you use a low bed then you must definitely go for a thick foldable mattress.

Children’s Favourite

Putting these kinds of mattresses in your small children’s room may amaze them. As they are multifunctional children can fold them to make a low seating cushion whenever needed and being lightweight your children can move them easily.

Which folding mattress should you choose for your comfort?

We present to you the one and only Springtek Tri Folding Mattress 4″ Inches

This 4 inch Springtek folding mattress is the best folding mattress in India. This cheap and affordable foldable mattress comes in single, double, queen, and king sizes. This three-layer rug can be used as a portable mattress and can be folded up when not in use. The Springtek Folding Mattress is the best choice for comfort, convenience, and a good night sleep.


The mattresses, beds and accessories are the foundation of your lives and the center of quality of life. Most beds and mattresses cheap or expensive mostly come with a laundry list of what you don’t want. Too weak, squeaky, difficult to assemble, immovable, limited storage life, toxic substances, cheap design, the list continues. So Springtek started with mattresses and beds and set out to solve all  the most intimate bedroom problems.

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