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The US views India as a vital partner: White House

According to the White House, India is a vital partner to the United States, even as both countries pursue their own interests in Ukraine. Our (Indian) partners are indispensable to us. According to Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, our shared commitment to the advancement of an open Indo-Pacific region is the foundation for our US-India Strategic Partnership.

With our confidence in our relationship, we are confident that we will continue to work together in the years to come to defend the rules-based order, promote greater peace, prosperity, and security for our people, advance a free and open Indo-Pacific, and fight global threats together.”

According to her, US policy towards Ukraine has been extremely clear. Our government has announced an additional USD 3 billion in security aid for the nation. With our allies and partners, you can witness that. It is clear that NATO is united, and this is because of this president’s leadership, she remarked.


When did PM Narendra Modi have his first meeting with the US president Joe bidden?

Ans- In September last year

Does the US see India as an indispensable partner?

Ans – Yes

Is NATO is going to expand by 2 more countries?

Ans – Not sure yet but maybe it can happen.

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