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Will the school close because of a bank holiday on the death of Queen Elizabeth II?

People from all over the world are reacting and showing grief at the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The death of Elizabeth II will affect the daily routine of UK citizens. The UK administrators planned numerous events on this day.

death of Queen Elizabeth II

Bank Holiday?

The funeral will be held in 10 or 11 days’ time at Westminster, and the date will be confirmed by Buckingham Palace. The chances of providing a bank holiday are very high and it will be confirmed only by the palace or by the government. If the bank holiday is declared, then the school will not be open. 

There is not any kind of official statement on the bank and school holidays, but it may come later. 


Sports events in the UK on Friday have been canceled which includes the football match between the North Ireland football league and the English football league. The British Horseracing Authority has also postponed the racing tournaments. Apart from this, no one will play golf at the BMW PGA Championship on Friday. 

Rail and the postal strike?

The RMT (Rail Maritime and Transport) union has announced a strike on September 15 and 17, but they will be canceled to show respect to the queen. The postal strikes were also canceled by the communication workers’ Union (CWU). 


When would the funeral of the Queen be held?

Ans. On Friday 

What will be the place of the funeral?

Ans. Westminster Abbey 

Do schools and banks have to be closed?

Ans. No official statement was provided by the government or by the palace. 

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