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Why should you consider Drug Abuse & Addiction as a serious problem?

Drug Rehabilitation

Addiction is a disease that affects a person’s brain as well as their behaviour. When you’re addicted to drugs, no matter how harmful they are, you can’t stop yourself from taking them. The earlier you get help for your drug addiction, the better your chances of avoiding some of the disease’s more devastating consequences.

It’s not only about heroin, cocaine, or other illicit narcotics when it comes to drug addiction. Addiction may be caused by alcohol, nicotine, sleep and anti-anxiety medications, as well as other legal substances.

You may use a drug because you enjoy the way it makes you feel at first. You may believe you have complete control over the amount and frequency with which you use it. However, medicines alter your brain’s functioning over time. Physical changes might take a long time to manifest. They cause you to lose control and may cause you to engage in harmful actions.

How does it affect Indian Youth?

Indian teenagers are more likely to use alcohol and drugs in ways that put them at risk, such as getting very drunk, drinking while driving, and mixing drugs and alcohol. Reservation youth have the greatest rate, non-reservation Indians have the lowest rate, and quasi-Indian youth have the lowest rate. Alcohol and drug usage have the same frequency of self-reported effects, with 15% of reserve elders engaged in an alcohol-related accident. Relationship issues are the most common side effect. Injection of drugs is uncommon across all classes.

Is rehab essential?

Yes, it is essential because Rehabilitation is the only option for individuals who are addicted. Rehab aids people in regaining control of their lives and reintegrating back into society. Drug treatment centres include 12 step programmes as well as therapeutic sessions and interventions such as counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, and group therapy such as yoga, meditation, and others. There are several Drug Rehabilitation Centre Mumbai that offers top notch strict services for their patients and also there are dozens of Drug Rehabilitation centre in Thane.

Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Thane has committed their intentions to make Mumbai sober and detoxed. One of the most renowned Drug Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai is Second Street Rehabilitation Centre. They have a world-class infrastructure, as well as a staff of highly skilled physiatrist physicians and nurses, as well as a plethora of indoor sporting activities.

How Drug abuse has an effect on Relationships?

Substance addiction disorder has an impact not only on the person but also on others around them. The family is the one that suffers the most, both psychologically and financially, among them. Substance misuse is linked to a variety of other conditions, including liver disease, physical abuse, and criminal activity. Children with drug-abusing parents are more prone to experience drug or substance misuse later in life. In a family where there is an addiction, the chances of children being neglected or abused grow dramatically. In such situations, children may struggle with self-worth and are more prone to have abusive and toxic relationships as adults. That’s why the importance of Best Drug Rehabilitation centre in Thane increases.

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