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Why is Passing CCNA so Difficult?

Generally, we consider entry-level certifications to be easy to obtain. In most cases, this is true, with candidates successfully clearing entry level-examinations. After all, the term “entry-level” itself gives a hint that the certification primarily caters to beginners. However, when it comes to CCNA certification, this is not the case. Many aspirants and even industry experts find it to be surprisingly difficult for an entry-level exam.

Why do people still pursue CCNA?

The fact that the CCNA exam is difficult to pass does not deter many individuals from pursuing this certification anyway. You might wonder why aspirants would spend so much effort and time on CCNA certification,which is quite entry-level. Well, it is the value of this certification that makes it worth pursuing. Cisco is one of the most trusted certificate vendors. The organization stringently certifies only the aspirants who truly meet the standards. This is also one of the reasons why these certificates are challenging to obtain. Either way, it always pays off to have a certificate that would add great value to one’s professional portfolio.

What makes the exam difficult?

Aspirants who plan to pursue this certification might be trying to figure out what makes the CiscoCCNA certificationexamination difficult. After all, knowing the reasons behind the difficulty helps to prepare better. Here are a few factors why obtaining this certification turns out to be challenging:

  • One of the reasons why a Cisco certificationholds great value among professionals is that employers consider these certifications. Cisco certifications are known to validate the job-readiness of the holders. Thus, passing the exam would require one to possess all the skills that he/she would need in the relevant field of work. These include complex problem-solving abilities, too, and naturally make the exam hard to crack.
  • The certifications that Cisco offers put significant emphasis on practical skills and training. Theoretical knowledge alone would never be enough to pass these examinations. The examinations include various simulations to test whether the candidates can solve the relevant problems. Hence, the aspirants must invest some time and effort in gaining hands-on experience.
  • One may also face financial hurdles while pursuing this certification. Apart from the CCNA course fees, it would also be necessary to spend on various resources. Aspirants look for exam dumps, guides, equipment, and other stuff that add to the costs. At the same time, these are necessary to gain the requisite knowledge.
  • As mentioned just above, the candidates need access to adequate resources to do well in the examination. However, finding the right resources often proves to be a daunting task. You would have to strike a balance between affordability and effectiveness. Using free or cheap resources is a great way to keep the costs low. At the same time, these resources may not always provide all the necessary knowledge. It is also quite essential to ensure that resources are up-to-date.
  • In the past, there used to be multiple CCNA certifications that aspirants could pursue to enter different fields. However, Cisco has made significant changes to this exam. The CCNA certification is now a prerequisite for all the higher courses that Cisco offers. Essentially, CCNA trainingcovers a variety of fields as well. This diversity often makes it a little difficult for candidates who are new to a specific field.
  • Undoubtedly, preparing for the CCNA examination is time-consuming. Apart from studying the course materials, one would also have to engage in forums and communities, watch videos, take practice exams, etc. This adds to the difficulty of the course too. However, a CCNA course onlinefrom a reputed institution can solve this issue of the course as it is comprehensive. As preparing for the exam takes quite a bit of time, the candidates also face common problems such as forgetting what they studied early on.

However, do not let the difficulty of this exam scare you from pursuing the CCNA certification. Considering the CCNA certification costand all the effort involved in the preparation, it would prove valuable. Leading institutions such as Koenig provide excellent training and great resources for CCNA aspirants.

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