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What do you prefer, top loader or front loading washers?

front load vs top load washing machine

Today, washing machines have become an essential home appliance. Washing machines are of great help to every household as they help effectively clean all our dirty laundry whilst saving our time. When choosing a washing machine, you will come across several models from top brands. 

Hence, selecting the right model may seem tedious and confusing. To assist you in making the right choice, we have curated a list of some of the best top loading washing machines and front load washing machines. Read on to buy your ideal washing machine. 

Samsung 8 kg fully automatic front load

Samsung 8 kg washing machine has an inbuilt Wi-Fi facility in it. So it supports AI control that will personalize your wash by remembering your washing cycle. A user can control your washing from your mobile if you download the smart thing app.

It has 9 preset wash programs, including the quick wash, which can wash clothes within 15 minutes. The washing method of this machine is tumble wash. It has eco-bubble technology to wash the cloth effectively. While washing, it gives hygiene steam to remove bacteria from the clothes. The stainless steel eco drum clean notifies the user automatically when it needs cleaning. It has the feature of delay end, which allows a user to end the washing cycle by up to 24 hours.

It has 1400 RPM, which raises the spinning and drying speeds. It has an LED display which makes it user-friendly. It also has a child lock that accidentally stops changing the running washing cycle. 

The LED display will give the user detailed information about the washing timer. It has a digital inverter technology that reduces the machine’s noise and ensures it works in a sudden voltage surge. This front load washing machine model name is WW80T504DAB/TL. It comes with a 3 years warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on the washing machine’s motor by Samsung

IFB 8 kg fully automatic front load

The model name of this washing machine is Senator Plus VX, and the washing tub capacity is 8 kg. It has an inbuilt anti-allergen wash program and aqua energie technology. It has an automatic power-off technology that automatically allows the machine to start and stop the washing program if there is voltage fluctuation. This machine comes with an in-built heater and a float ball valve that reduces detergent waste and easily cleans the hard stains from the clothes. 

The machine has 14 wash programs which include quick wash mode. It has a built-in water softener, which softens the hard water to maintain the quality of your fabric. The maximum speed of the spin is 1200 RPM which lowers the drying time and washes the laundry in a spin and rinse manner. It has a stainless steel drum suitable for a family of five to six people.

It has an LED display that displays all the washing modes, water temperature, and washing timer, making it user-friendly. IFB company provides 4 years warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on the motor along with 10 years of support on the machine’s spare parts by IFB.

Samsung 7 kg fully automatic top load

Samsung 7 kg fully automatic top load supports digital inverter technology, making it energy efficient. The washing method of this machine is a wobble pulsator which supplies a high efficient tangle-free washing. The machine is designed to stop automatically to avoid knots and twists. It has a single-button facility to do intense cleaning to remove the hard stains from the clothes.

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This machine keeps the user hassle-free with its magic filter, where it collects all the fibers and lint of the clothes and keeps the drain unclogged. The machine comes with the eco tub clean feature, which automatically notifies the user when the tub needs to be clean. The machine comes with 8 washing modes which allow you to wear any fabric inside it. It has an inbuilt memory facility that automatically works when the power comes back.

The tub is made up of stainless steel, and its capacity is 7 kg, suitable for three to four members’ use. This machine comes with a digital display to show the timer. The maximum spin speed of this machine is 750 rpm. Samsung provides 3 years warranty on this model name WA70T4262GS/TL, and 12 years warranty on the motor.

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