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Top 7 Medical Universities in China for Indian Students

  1. China Three Gorges University

The China Three Gorges University is considered one of the top 10 medical universities in China for Indian students, which was established in the year 2000 in Yichang city of China. More than 15000 students are enrolled in the China Three Gorges University. The China Three Gorges University offers all kinds of facilities such as restaurants, shopping malls, ATMs, etc. In addition, the China Three Gorges University offers hostel facilities for international students and Indian students.

  1. Beihua University

The Beihua University is located in Jilin City of China and is one of the ancient universities that were established in the year 1906. Currently, more than 23000 students study MBBS in China at Beihua University and many faculties affiliated with the Beihua University. The Beihua University campuses are divided into 4 campuses includes East campus, West Campus, North Campus, and South campus.

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  1. Dalian Medical University

The Dalian Medical University is one of the best medical universities in China because the university produced world-class doctors and was established in the year 1947 in the Dalian city of China. The Ministry of Education has awarded an “A” rating to the Dalian Medical University. And almost all Indian medical students want to study here because of the best infrastructure and the best faculty.

  1. Harbin Medical University

The Harbin Medical University is located in the Harbin city of China and is considered the best medical university in China. It was established in the year 1926 and the Harbin Medical University is recognized by various national and international bodies such as the NMC (National Medical Commission), the WHO (World Health Organization), the ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates), etc. The classrooms and laboratories of the Harbin Medical University are equipped with air conditioning.

  1. Jiangsu University

The Jiangsu University is considered the most important university in the whole region and also has a good reputation in China. It is spread over an area of 550 acres. It was established in the year 1902 and is located in the capital city of Shanghai in China. In addition, the teaching education for MBBS in Jiangsu University is in the English language.

  1. Nantong University

The Nantong University is located on the eastern side of China in a city called Nantong. The University was established in the year 1912 and currently, 30000 students are study MBBS in Nantong University. The Nantong University is a highly sought after and comprehensive type of the university. The Nantong University is considered the best medical institute in all of China. The Nantong University has three main units approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

  1. Ningbo University

The Ningbo University is located in Ningbo city in Zhejiang province of China. The Ningbo University is one of the key medical universities in China providing education in the field of medicine. There are more than 25000 students currently studying at the Ningbo University. Ningbo University also offers courses in management, arts, engineering, etc. Ningbo University was established in the year 1986 and Yue-Kong Pao made a sumptuous donation to establish the Ningbo University.

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