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Top 5 Importance Of BCA In Digital World

If the world of computers and programming fascinates you, then BCA or Bachelor in Computer Application is the best-suited course for you.  With the phenomenal growth of the IT Sector in India, the need for skilled computer professionals is at an all-time high. There is an inherent curiosity amongst both students and parents regarding BCA course details. For those who are not very familiar with the BCA course, the main course components include database, data structure, networking, operating systems, programming languages, and so on. In case you aspire to be a Computer Programmer or a Software Developer, completing your BCA degree is a must. The best Engineering Colleges in Lucknow offer BCA course for aspirants. Should you be confused with regards to whether BCA or B.Tech (IT) is better, the answer is neither one is better than the other. Both courses have their own prominence, and your choice totally depends on your aptitude and subjects of interest. Let us now explore the importance of the BCA course in today’s highly competitive job market.

  1. Great scope in the digital world

No other course can match the kind of exposure that BCA provides. As long as you pick the right college or university to pursue your Bachelor in Computer Application degree, you can be rest assured of being a certified computer expert. There is immense scope for BCA passouts in the digital world, based on the roles and responsibilities that you wish to take up.

2. Multiple Employers in the digital realm

If you have been checking out BCA course details, you will be glad to know that in addition to the numerous IT Companies, there are so many other employers on the lookout for BCA graduates nowadays. This includes:-

  • Ecommerce Giants like Amazon and Flipkart
  • Social Media Companies like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram  etc.
  • Streaming Service like YouTube and Netflix
  • Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • Gaming and App Development Companies like Nintendo, Ubisoft, Media Labs etc.
  • Government Agencies that run websites, portals and platforms
  • Online Banking System Recruiters
  • Online Security Agencies
  • E-Learning Development Companies
  • Cloud Computing Services like AWS,

3. Different Specialization and Post Graduation Options

Depending on which stream you want to specialize in, there are varied options for you to pursue your higher studies after your BCA degree in the various Engineering Colleges in Lucknow . Some students prefer to start working right away, gain sufficient work experience, and then opt for an Executive MBA or a diploma in Data Science, or get an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Certification. Others go ahead and apply directly for MCA (Master in Computer Application) or a post-graduate diploma in their area of interest.

4. On-Site Projects and Scope of Settling Abroad

Many BCA passouts from the best Engineering Colleges in Lucknow have successfully gained placement with the world’s top IT companies like IBM, Oracle, Accenture, HP, SAP, Wipro, Capegemini, TCS, Tech Mahindra, and so on. Based on the Campus Selection of your College, you could get recruited to work for these companies in India, or you could be directly selected to work abroad. Even for BCA graduates who are working the best IT and Software Companies, the chances of being sent abroad for on-site projects incredibly. While some client projects last for months, others last for years at a stretch. Thus if you aim towards immigration to a developed nation, doing your BCA can provide you with an excellent opportunity to fulfil your dreams.

5. Diverse Jobs based on your Skills and Aptitude.

There are different areas of recruitment such as Web development, Web designing,  Software development, Network  designing, Network Administration, Network Security, Software Testing, System Management, Troubleshooting, and many more. Once you are enrolled and begin your studies, you will automatically discover your prime areas of interest that you wish to pursue in the future.


For students who have successfully completed their BCA or Bachelor in Computer Application degree, the digital world is their oyster. The IT boom in the new millennium ushered in a digital revolution for the country. The demand for talented IT professionals has risen ever since then, and so have the online queries for BCA course details. With the advent of numerous social media platforms, the employment opportunities for BCA graduates are indeed massive today, and are expected to grow furthermore in the near future.

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