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The Sri Lankan President returns to Sri Lanka from Thailand

The former Sri Lankan president returns to Sri Lanka from Thailand after two months. Gotabaya Rajapaksa was the President. He fled the country as people brought out a massive march to oppose his government. 

He left the country on the 12th of July as people were demanding his immediate resignation. On July 9, the protest took the form of a huge storm and the people entered the house of the President in Colombo. Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka, and the president was living a very lavish life there. 

Rajapaksa arrived at the Bandaranaike International Airport with a heavy security presence. Several ministers received the President at the airport, and Rajapaksa left the airport in a heavily guarded motorcade. According to the sources, the ex-president returned to Sri Lanka on a Singapore airline flight. He has to travel from Thailand to Singapore to take the flight because there is no direct flight between Bangkok and Colombo. 

Rajapaksa will live in a very lavish bungalow close to the Wijerama Mawatha in Colombo. A large security team is appointed to maintain security and safety in the area. 

The former president, Rajapaksa, will live in a government house along with security and other privileges as well. At first, Rajapaksa fled Sri Lanka to the Maldives and then proceeded to Singapore. On July 14, he sent his resignation, as demanded by the citizens of the Sri Lankan island. 

After some time, he flew to Thailand to seek temporary shelter. But Thailand said that he can stay for 90 days as long as he has a diploma passport holder. 


  1. Who is the former president of Sri Lanka?

Ans. Gotabaya Rajapaksa

  1. For how many days can he stay in Thailand with the diploma passport holder?

Ans. 90 days. 

  1. Which facilities does Rajapaksa get in Sri Lanka?

Ans. A government house, safety, and security. 

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