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The Role of Auto Dialers in Improving Telemarketing Campaigns

Telemarketing campaigns are an excellent way for businesses to promote their products and services to the potential customers. If carried out perfectly, telemarketing campaigns can help to turn contacts into new customers. As telemarketers need to communicate with maximum prospects in a day, increasing the average talk time per hour is essential to enhance the sales conversion rate. Utilizing auto dialers is one of the best ways to connect with maximum prospects and make better sales results. These days, a lot of businesses are using outbound and inbound contact center software systems to streamline their business operations. Several outbound call centers are utilizing auto dialers to ensure better sales and avail desired results.


Importance of Auto Dialers

As compared to a manual dialing system that facilitates only 15-20 minutes of talk time per hour; an automatic dialer system can guarantee more than 45 minutes of talk time per hour. It also reduces the possibility of human error, while allowing agents to reach a multitude of prospective customers on a daily basis. Below mentioned are some of the key reasons why organizations must use auto dialers system while conducting telemarketing campaigns, have a look:

  • Improved Efficiency: With automatic dialers, organizations can easily increase the average talk time (per hour) of their agents. In order to improve the sales conversion rate, it is important for the agents to reach and interact with a number of prospects customers as possible in a day. Auto dialers can effectively predict the status of an ongoing call and as soon as the current call is about to end, the dialer searches for the next contact number to be dialed. It initiates the next call as soon as the current call ends. This allows agents to interact with a large number of prospects in a day. This not only enhances their efficiency but also increases the chances of better sales results.
  • Filtering Out Unnecessary Calls: Though it is important to place maximum calls in order to achieve desired sales results, at the same time it is equally essential to follow the rules and regulations stated by the government. In the case of a manual dialing system, agents usually end up placing telemarketing calls to the numbers that have availed DNC (Do Not Call) service. This type of action may lead to legal issues and could affect the business’s overall productivity in a negative manner. To prevent such unintentional actions, businesses must utilize an automatic dialer system while performing telemarketing campaigns. The system efficiently filters out unnecessary calls including DND, voicemails, busy tones, and more, and connects the call to the prospects that are open to answer sales-related calls. The system then automatically transfers the call to the available agent as soon as it is answered by the caller.
  • Improved Workflow: Manual dialing system can put unnecessary pressure on agents and may lead to a high agent attrition rate. On the other hand, by integrating the auto dialer system with CRM, the agents can be provided with all the required details about the prospects before initiating the call, which may lead to improved workflow and enhanced agent’s efficiency.

Different Types of Dialers for Telemarketing Campaigns

Below mentioned are some of the widely popular auto dialer systems that can help businesses to make their telemarketing campaigns smooth and efficient, have a look:

Preview Dialer: Preview dialer that is integrated with the CRM system allows agents to preview the details of the customers before initiating the call. This gives enough time to the agents to prepare in advance for effective handling of the call. This type of dialing system is ideal for call centers that deal with complex sales. When agents are well-informed about the customers, the chances of a positive business outcome increases to a great extent.

Predictive Dialer: Predictive dialer is a smart dialing system that uses advanced algorithms to determine the agent’s availability to take the next call as well as the calling pattern. It can dial a number of simultaneous calls and have the capability to detect if the response is from a human or answering machine. If the call is picked up by a human, the system automatically connects the call to the agent who is available to take the call. This kind of dialing system is the best option for businesses that deal with a huge volume of outbound calls and seek results in a short period of time.

Robo Dialer: Robo dialer is another most popular type of advanced call center software solution that is usually linked with the IVR system and CRM. In the case of a Robo dialing system, the dialer and IVR work together to dial numbers and a recorded voice message is played as soon as the call is picked by the customer. The customers are provided with the option to get a call back or connect with an available agent. This type of dialing system is ideal for cold calling, interaction with customers, following up leads, and performing surveys.


Businesses that are looking forward to enhancing their telemarketing campaigns, must invest in an auto dialer system. It not only allows them to secure better sales growth but also helps them to improve customer satisfaction rate.

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