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The Reason Behind Rise of QR Codes as a Payments Tool

QR codes are nearing a three-decade run in the international business and finance sector. Created in the early 1990s, they’re back to make the most significant mark they ever did now! QR codes have become the safest and most convenient way to pay with the new normal currently in place. Paying with a QR code can easily be considered one of the best defining mottos of current times. This comeback of QR codes has been a blessing not just for the consumers but for business owners too. Before going further, let’s first understand in easy technicality what QR codes are –

What are QR Codes 

Short for Quick Response code, QR codes are an efficient mechanism developed to read loads of information fast. The white area is the space between the black pattern which carries the information and the instruction. Just scan and pay, and that’s all it takes to make a transaction using QR codes.

Developed by a Japanese engineer in 1994, QR codes first found application in the automotive industry. From there, the multifaceted benefits of QR became known to everyone, and that’s how it found its popularity. Facilitating convenience throughout the manufacturing, production, and shipping process in the 90s, QR codes couldn’t have re-emerged at a better time. 

What makes QR Codes the best transactional medium right now?

The current circumstances necessitate a pro-hygiene and safe mechanism to shop, and QR codes enable just that. These are the many ways in which they’re coming handy right now –

  1. Contactless mode of payment:- QR codes frees you from touching anything else other than your phone. There’s no contact at any stage with anyone or anything when you upi apps offers. This makes them the safest way to shop anywhere.
  2. Availability of Varied Choices:- From accessing a person’s info through his business card or landing on a link, QR codes make it all happen. Log in to your favourite apps, authenticate something or shop by just using scan to pay. 
  3. Accessibility:- From built-in scanners in smartphones to scanning devices being available everywhere, QR codes have become the most convenient payment mode. It requires no fancy equipment and is devoid of hassles, thus making the shopping experience super easy and fun.
  4. Time: The currency of the 21st Century isn’t money; it’s time, and QR codes save a significant amount of your time. Practicality-wise, this alone may be an excellent reason for such a massive adoption of QR codes right now. 

Reading the above should convince you to make QR codes your primary payment method. Now let us share the best way to get maximum cashback and discounts while shopping online with QR codes. 

Is there a way to use QR Codes to save maximum during online shopping?

Fave India is a great online discount aggregator that gives you amazing deals, huge cashback, and attractive discounts. From dining to delivery, clothing to personal care, get maximum cashback on thousands of products.

Head to Fave India to avail the best offers on your favourite products now! Download Fave India’s app to make your experience even more seamless and convenient. 

List of Categories and Products to get great cashback through Fave 

Get countless FaveDeals and save up to 80% on your favourite restaurants, cafés, spas, salons, gyms, retailers, and more. Also, pay all your utility bills quickly and easily with FavePay and get rewarded with up to 30% cashback.

Step by Step Process to Avail Cashback from Fave 

The official Fave app has the most user-friendly, handy, and instantly responsive interfaces. Moreover, the process is simple, so what are you waiting for? Start earning huge cashbacks from the best deals and discounts app now!

  1. Find the QR Code of the item, product, service, merchant, retailer, or shop.
  2. Scan the QR Code and pay with the Fave app instantly. 
  3. And like that, you’re done! Earn huge cashback as a reward! Cashback gets credited to your account on your next purchase! 

These are the Unique Benefits available to you when you use Fave India

  1. Cashback Certainty – Scan, pay and earn, in every transaction!
  2. Get exactly what you chose – You get what’s promised – no hidden terms!
  3. All Your Cashback is at One Place – View cashback from all your favourite brands together.
  4. Cashback never expires – Get notified automatically before your cashback expires.
  5. Keep Updated with the latest offers – Never miss out on offers from your favourite brands.
  6. Secure and Seamless payments – Pay with the Fave assurance of seamlessness and safety.

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