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The 5 Best Ways to Store Your Jewellery

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Jewellery is a statement piece in any outfit and it deserves to be kept away in a safe place when it is not in use. For several people they have personal value and some hold certain items very close to their heart. These accessories mean so much more than just jewellery, they hold sentimental value to most owners. Keeping precious, expensive and statement jewellery in a safe place is vital. Here are a few of the best tips to help you store your jewellery better:

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1.      A Controlled Storage Environment

Exposing your jewellery to harsh elements could cause a lot of damage. This is the reason it is highly vital that the environment it is stored is controlled. For example, keeping fine jewellery in dry, cool and cleanly places is important.

On the other hand, gems should be kept away from sunlight and excessive heat for the prevention of hue alterations. You can keep your valuables safely stored by placing them in a leather jewellery box Australia happens to have some of the finest quality leather boxes. Moreover, for less precious jewellery made out of metals, ensure that the environment is not too humid to prevent any corrosion.

2.      Lined Containers or Pouches

Gems, pearls and popular items tend to get scratched if the containers are not lined with soft fabric in a proper manner. A velvet jewellery box can quickly resolve this issue. Moreover, you could opt for the less expensive pouches made from soft and anti-corrosive properties in order to keep the items safely stored.


3.      Keep Similar Pieces Together

Different types of jewellery may have a range of specifications when it comes to the storage requirements. Keeping this in your mind, it is vital to store up similar pieces in one place together for proper protection and preservation. Otherwise, the pieces could be subject to corrosion. For example, metals such as silver could get easily tarnished if stored with other metals due to the oxidation process which causes corrosion.

4.      Clean Up!

Jewellery items need to be treated with care and handled with utmost cleanliness. If you want to ensure that the pieces last longer you have to keep those accessories cleaned up. Before placing them in storage, be sure to wipe off residues and product leftover from make-up, sweat, moisturizer or dirt. These particles could have crept into the crevices of the jewellery without you noticing. Utilize suitable cleaning products and a soft cloth to ensure you avoid scratching it.

5.      Secure Solutions

Majority of the people in today’s society generally choose to keep precious jewellery items in a home safe. However, they are not always as secure as they seem to be. This is especially true in the event of an earthquake, fire, flood or a house robbery. If you truly want to keep your items safe you need to obtain professional assistance. This could include a safe deposit box.

Preserve and protect your jewellery well by following these five tips.

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